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Mar 11, 2010 05:46 PM

Loved Smoked Fish Spread?

I've found an unbelievably awesome one at Albertson's (of ALL places). :p

Smilin' Bob's Smoked Fish Dip. It's insanity on a cracker. I've been snarfing smoked fish spread from Key West (where this one originates) to WPB, and from Naples to Dunedin for 20 years...and this is truly the "shiznit". Just sayin'.

I had already been marveling over this juxtapositional supermarket product, when I ambled in for wine a couple of weeks ago, and lo & behold...Smilin' Bob himself was demo-ing his product in the meat department. My butcher block boy-toy motioned me in his direction, and I immediately began singing praises and diving head-long into the product. before I was aware of who was shmearing my cracker. Thank could've been very embarrassing.

I digress...but this has been a public service announcement. ;)

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  1. I'll pop in to my Albys tomorrow at Waters Ave. & Dale Mabry in Tampa and grab some if they have it...
    Great thing to have for the weekend, thanks for the heads-up!!

    1. I tried it once and liked it too but then Albertsons went and closed most of their locations in South Fl a few weeks ago.

      1. Is it mullet? And did you find out the ingredients?

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          1. re: Veggo

            Amberjack and kingfish...nice size chunks, too.

          2. A family member from the East coast brought the fish dip you describe to our house back in 2004 when a conga line of hurricanes came through was DELICIOUS!!! Our Albertson's has been closed here for a while now but I had never tasted smoked fish dip before that and man, I loved it.

            1. How does it compare to Ted Peters for instance?

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              1. re: wubba

                Ted Peters has a much higher percentage of fish, and is consequently much less creamy, more like tuna fish mixed with a little mayo in consistancy but tends to be a bit blander for lack of spices, if you are looking for pure fish taste I would put Ted's on top. Smilin' Bob's has a creaminess that is almost overpowering in it's richness, while still maintaining some chunkiness, and has a bit of heat in its spices. I like it a lot and wouldn't turn it down but if I had Smilin' Bob's and Ted Peters on the table in front of me I would have to give the nod to Teds. the thing is that with Smilin' Bob's available conveniently in the Albertsons down the block and ted peters requiring a drive that would be substantial for some people on this board (thankfully not for me, they are about 20 minutes from my house) that has to factor in as well.