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Mar 11, 2010 05:10 PM

Anything new, must-hit for a pescatarian? New buffet kings?

I haven't been to vegas for 3 years or so...

I know of, and will be hitting up Lotus of Siam for sure.

I'm interested in anything suitable for a pescatarian, $30 a head or cheaper.

Any new buffet kings? I hit up bellagio and wynn last time, both were good.

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  1. If you're one for sushi and all other sorts of edible Japanese delights, Raku will fit the bill for you.

    1. The buffet at the M might be a notch or two below the Wynn in terms of selection, but is also cheaper and well within your budget (they offer free wine or beer with the buffet -- I haven't tried either).

      And note that if you are at Lotus and crave a sauce that isn't attached to a protein you can eat, Saipin is happy to substitute a vegetable or tofu substitute, sometimes to amazing effect. Even the crispy rice with sour sausage tastes pretty good with tofu in lieu of the sausage.

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        Yep, if one must do a buffet, I'd highly suggest Studio B at The M. And btw, if one's willing to splurge just a little...

        Marinelli's is my favorite Italian restaurant off The Strip, and there are plenty of great options there for vegetarians and fish folks. (I know, I'm an herbivore myself.)