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Mar 11, 2010 03:56 PM

Best extra-thick milkshake in Hollywood area, but am willing to drive about 15 minutes.

HI! I'm having a craving for the best milkshake ever made. It doesn't have to be fancy or trendy (believe it or not I'm seeking vanilla) and should be able to be made with extra ice cream or however they do it to make it extra thick. I would also love it to be take-out.
Thanks. I know this is a strange one!

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  1. Anyone? Please save me from McDonalds or Jack in the Box?

    1. Not having tried every milkshake ever made, I have no definitive answer however I have enjoyed milkshakes at Lucky Devils and also at Scoops, To go is fine at Scoops and probably wouldn't be an issue at Lucky Devils either.

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      1. re: Layne Murphy

        Lucky Devils' shakes are made with frozen custard, not ice cream, so...yeah, really thick. Too much of a good thing IMHO, but YMMV.

      2. Milk? On Beverly between La Brea and Fairfax (closer to La Brea, I think). Haven't had the shakes, but the ice cream is good.

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        1. re: JamesF

          Shakes at Milk are superb, my favorite in the area. You could probably ask for it thicker too ... I'd say they come at medium thickness by default. (You can suck them through the straw usually but they're still thick.)