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Mar 11, 2010 03:26 PM

First time in Naples - anyone have recent recs?

Going to Naples for the first time for a few days. What are some good spots for lunch and dinner. Any organic restaurants? Will be staying at the Ritz Carlton and would rather not drive too far.
Many thanks for your replies!!

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  1. You can find organic meals (raw also) at Food N' Thought which is just north of the Coastland Mall on U.S. 41 in Gateway Plaza. It's a health food store which serves meals. I'm not aware of any organic restaurants, though...just the health food stores which offer hot and cold organic meals. Sunsplash also on Neapolitan Way off US 41 serves organic foods but, again, isn't a restaurant per se but a health food store. Hoping that others will jump in just in case there's an organic restaurant here that I haven't heard about...?

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      thanks so much for your reply Val! any non organic restaurants you like?

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        Heck yes...Falafel Grill, Sushi Thai, Swan River (seafood), Inca's Kitchen, IM Tapas,
        Campiello, Alexander's, Fernandez de Bull to name a few...there are so many other very good places...please check out this website by a regular poster :


        Plus, please check out the threads at the bottom of this page for other recent topics on Naples.

    2. Not necessarily organic:

      1. I was impressed with the authenticity of the food at Rosso Pomodoro, a new Napolitan restaurants, run and owned by Italians, on Fifth Avenue.

        1. just ate Rosso Pomodoro--pizza was light. sauce was nothing special. service good. kid friendly and upscale place.

          as for places near the Ritz--Bricktops at Waterside Mall is still one of my favorite for very good food and excellent service and then you can browse the price-est mall i've ever seen and i 'm not talking about the Nordstrom's there.
          a little further is The Mercato where some of the newest places have opened--its the first "Urban Center" in Naples proper where the rest, shops and movies and residences all all together. Deli 62 is good. many like the beer selection at the upscale English Pub. Capital Grill is there but not what you'd call organic (maybe the balsamic is). and Blue Martini for nightlife.
          downtown--Sea Salt has fresh ingredients--the chef moved from DC where he had a top rated rest.
          Naples Tomato also claims fresh ingredients but not "walking" distance.
          whatever you do, DON'T go to Limonia, the Ritz's rest at the Golf resort--went there recently and it was so disappointing to have one of the jewels of this town slide to bottom.
          i second Food N Thought--for lunch--all organic.

          locals like Sunburst--like a college town breakfast/lunch place (funky but good--Target shopping Plaza).
          Patric's for lunch--has a chef and sous chef and its just a grill joint but eveything made from scratch and inexpensive.

          don't know why it posted this twice.