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Mar 11, 2010 03:08 PM

Downtown dinner recs near Adolphus and Magnolia Hotel

Although I lived in Dallas for many years before moving away last fall, we seldom ate downtown. Now we will be there at the end of March for a family wedding and want to take my aging mother-in-law out to kick off the weekend. Other than the French room, is there something else near the Adolphus/Magnolia area (MIL does not like to walk too far anymore) with good food? Does not have to be the very best but not pizza, tacos, or barbeque either.

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  1. FIsh market is OK. Charlie Palmer's is where you want to go.

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      In reply to my 3/11 question about a place other than the French Room near the Magnolia for dining, fixer suggested Charlie Palmer's and the Dallas Fish Market. We could not get in any place good as we waited until Friday to book (we tried our all time favorite Abacus with no luck-but go there if you read this) so we settled for the Dallas Fish Market which accommodated 9 of us at 8 (a popular time in Dallas) late in the day. I would rate it ok as Fixer did. It very much depended on what you ordered.

      My husband had sea bass which was terrific and the three 20 somethings had sushi and tuna sashimi that was very,very good (I got a taste). I got barrimundi with pad thai that was oddly spiced. The rest of our dishes were ok but not great and my brother -in-law ordered a scallop special that was inedible (some very odd spice was used and there was no sweetness, only salt taste). I ordered an arugula and fruit salad that was good but the appetizer crab cakes were so-so, though the fried green tomatoes were ok. We had a very good New Zealand white wine with our dinner. The restaurant is right around the corner from the Magnolia and the Adolphus and somewhat less pricey than the French Room (I have not been in years but it is very good though overpriced) and Charlie Palmer's (sadly never got there) so I would recommend it with some reservations to be careful to ask what spices were used to flavor a dish since the dishes do not show a sure hand. Still something in between a pizza joint and the French Room is good sometimes and the staff was excellent.

      Dallas Fish Market
      1501 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201