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Mar 11, 2010 03:03 PM

Unbleached Cake Flour

I saw unbleached cake flour in my local north Florida supermarket this morning. Has anyone used this-I have not seen it before? For everyday home cooking, I use unbleached all purpose flour but cake flour in general is for a more refined product. Would there be a difference if you used unbleached cake flour rather than regular unbleached all purpose flour?

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  1. Unbleached cake flour will give your cake a slightly different taste than the bleached variety. Bleaching cake flour leaves minor amounts (very minor) of acidic material that often can make a cake slightly bitter. It's not a terribly big issue, especially when you consider the amount of sugar the usually goes into a cake batter and frosting, but some bakers refuse to use bleached cake flour because of that. All purpose flour isn't useful in cake baking; it has too much gluten. AP flour makes pretty good bread and, if you like dense cakes, it can be used for some types of cake, but it's shouldn't be a first choice.

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      Thanks, todao. It sounds like from what you are saying that unbleached cake flour would actually be better than bleached cake flour since it will not have the slight bitter taste (I have never noticed though I do not use cake flour unless it is a very fancy cake). I do mostly use unbleached AP flour but I thought the advantage was less processing not taste as well.

    2. i have never seen unbleached cake flour. Cake flour itself is becoming harder to find in my area.

      I would totally use unbleached cake flour in preference to bleached if the occasion arose. As it is, I've learned to make my cake flour by replacing 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour (unbleached of course) with corn starch for 2 cups of cake flour.

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        King Arthur Flours has recently released an unbleached cake flour product to the retail market. I purchased a box at Whole Foods a few months ago. Here a link to their information

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          Actually, my substitution formula is from King Arthur too. ;>