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Mar 11, 2010 02:28 PM

Rita's Water Ice -- Upper West Side

For anyone who has spent time in Philly, Rita's arrival in Manhattan (92nd and Broadway) is an exciting development. The water ice and gelato/custard is just as good as I remember from my Philly college days. The only thing missing is the Philly-style soft pretzel, but, understandably, that'd be a lot tougher to replicate outside of Philly. My first Rita's from the UWS was the "red swedish fish" ice mixed with choc/vanilla custard. Absolutely delicious! It's going to be an awesome summer treat destination.

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  1. So excited! I've been craving a mango gelati since we moved back to New York.

    1. I grew up going to Rita's in Connecticut with my grandparents and was so excited when I heard about it coming to the UWS! I'm a student at Columbia and wrote a review of the new shop for our newspaper, the Spectator. Check it out!

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        Nice write-up, fellow Columbian! After hitting the gym at Dodge yesterday, I decided to stop in. Happily sampled the blueberry and lemonade ice flavors - YUM! Aside from the great taste, I like consistency - cold but not frozen and bordering on soft but not melted. Very refreshing. It left a small aftertaste but I will be back to sample the peeps and swedish fish flavors!! I may be hooked.

      2. I love living in UWS... it's been years but I have fond memories of Rita's from Jersey summer! I'll definitely visiting when the weather gets warmer.

        1. I love Rita's, despite growing up on the West Coast and only discovering water ice when I visited Philly a few months ago! The new Rita's on the UWS did a promo the entire first week they were open, giving everyone free water ice (a pretty good size, too!), so I made sure to stop by a few times. Now that the weather is warming up I'm sure I'll be back (even if I do have to pay).

          1. oh sweet, i love that place....damn it though UWS is so far away from LES