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Mar 11, 2010 02:25 PM

Boning a sea bass fillet

I'm quite used to boning salmon fillets. I have a pair of needle-nose pliers that I use exclusively for this task. But a recent bout with a sea bass fillet had me stymied - the bones were much larger and more firmly embedded than salmon bones.

Which brings me to my question - what is the best way to bone a sea bass fillet?

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  1. Jeffo, I've resorted to cutting out some large bones from grouper that would not pull out even with hemostats well attached. It was either rip a big hole from trying to pull it out or disecting it out more cleanly with a knife.

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      If the bones are large, why not just pull them out after its cooked? Won't take any more time, and it won't wreck the appearance.

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        Bones don't bother me but they do bother my dinning companion, so for that reason I remove them.

    2. The best way to bone a sea bass fillet is to fillet the fish during the cleaning process and not leave any bones in it.
      A picture is worth a thousand words:

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      1. Sometimes I get a grip with the needlenose pliers on the pin bones or the small ones near the gills and then slide a fork in between and press the fork down as I pull on the pliers. It keeps from tearing a lot of flesh. Like scubadoo97, I prefer to get them before cooking because my veracruz sauce or pibil ingredients will hide them too well.