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Best Bakery in Raleigh? ISO Best Cinnamon Bun Ever (Preggo Craving)

I am looking for the best cinnamon bun in Raleigh, although I'll expand that to the Triangle for a heavenly experience. I've been to Baker's Dozen at Six Forks and tried their baked goods and they were stale. I've tried Soho Bakery in Wake Forest and theirs were stale too!
I've had Cinnabon at the mall and it tastes totally different than I remember, the icing tastes like perfume or roses. My favorite cinnamon buns so far have been the Fresh Market cinnamon buns. I know I can do better!

Also as a side note my favorite cupcakes so far have been from Bliss Boutique Bakery in Chapel Hill, they also have a cart at Southpoint mall you can check out. I'll attach a pic for your amusement.

What are your favorite bakeries in Raleigh? I have heard Crumb is good but they have no shop and prices seem astronomical. I do want to check out La Farm when I get over to Cary. And @Mary_Eats has recommended Sweet Traditions bakery in Cary.

-Mandy (of http://demandy.com

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  1. The monkey bread at La Farm is pretty doggone good. Not a traditional cinnamon bun, per se, but a yummy substitute when you've got that kind of craving. Everything I've had there has been great, but the monkey bread, pain au chocolat, and scones are my favorites.

    1. I can't find a cinnamon, never mind a cinnamon-raisin bun, that are as good as the ones I found as a kid anymore. Even Pillsbury took the raisins out of their cinnamon-raisin buns.

      I'd post the recipe I use, but I'm sure it would be frowned upon. The next best one I know is Alton Brown's Cinnamon Roll recipe, so google that. It is well worth the trouble to make these "overnight" buns. Please note that pre-rising in an moist oven really is nearly necessary. I use a different "icing", and use waaaaay more cinnamon and raisins, along with a couple of dough tweaks.

      1. I really like the Cinnamon Buns from Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill. They're only open until 2, and I'm not sure whether they have the buns that late - but they're wonderful!

        1. My favorite recipes come from King Arthur Flour and Peter Reinhart but the ones at Whole Foods (probably on par with Fresh Market) and Weaver Street in Chapel Hill look yummy. I'm not sure about Southern Seasons. Would a place like Cafe Bon Giorno (I know spelling is off) have them? Hereghty? Is there a Great Harvest Bakery nearby. I don't know about Panera's either as I usually go in for lunch.

          I think technically a sticky bun and a cinnamon bun are different but that is beside the point.

          By the way, Congratulations and I enjoy your blog and restaurant reviews.

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            Thanks for the suggestions! I am much too lazy to make my own cinnamon buns, I have done it successfully in the past using a cinabon clone recipe but last time I tried it they were not great. And I made a total mess of my kitchen.

            I'm glad you like my blog! I need to catch up on postings but my camera has taken up residence in the labor luggage until D Day!

            -Mandy (of http://demandy.com

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              Carrboro-ite here and I can certify that the cinnamon buns at Weaver St are super! I've had many their breads and baked bready goods are tops. Make the trip and buy their cupcakes too; delicious. They make cream puffs....hehe I'm addicted to their vegan chocolate cake....

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                I have always been a big fan of WSM, but I have to say, the last few croissants I've had haven't had the nice crisp outside/tender inside thing that I love so much. Maybe the weather?

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                  I've noticed since the redo some of the bakery cases have moisture on the panels, could that be it? Do tell them LM. The bread (I love their Miche) is still excellent.

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                    OK, so I'm not the only one to notice this. I will let them know - you do so too. Power in numbers, and all that. Also frustrating that they only sell the plain biscuits now (and even those often only cut up and on the breakfast bar). I miss the herb ones.

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                      Agreed; will definitely say something to them. didn't know that about the biscuits, sad. I'm hoping for the Jewish holidays Whole Foods will return to making their own chopped liver, veg chopped liver. Last year it was outsourced and utterly horrible..

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                        If you'd like to make your own (fleishig - I don't do veggie all that much) I can e-mail you my recipe. It's not that hard.

                        Oh, wait. The Spouse wants to trade for your Dad's pickle recipe.

            2. Try Market Grille in Wake Forest their baked goods are great. Have not had the cinnamon bun, but everything that I have had has been fantastic. The Buttermilk doughnuts are my favorite. Also everything is always fresh.


              1. Have you tried Yellow dog bread in Raleigh?

                1. I'm not pregnant, but I've also been searching for a good cinnamon roll in the Triangle. The best I've found so far have been at La Farm in Cary, but they're not the typical ones with cream cheese frosting. I really long for that taste from my childhood.

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                    Traditional cinnamon rolls do not have cream cheese frosting.

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                        Cinnamon Rolls are traditionally topped with icing or a powdered sugar based glaze.

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                          Whose tradition? There are variations based on region, ethnicity, etc.

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                              I've had them as a child, from good old William Greenberg bakery in nyc, and they always were topped with white icing..cream cheese topping is something I have never come across, neither in nyc nor in Finland where I had fab spicy cinnamon buns (delicious).

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                                Right and in Finland/Sweden they sometimes don't top them with anything except maybe cinnamon sugar. I have a friend in Winston who has never come across a cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting. I have had them but again it is a personal preference.

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                      Shelli, your post made me think - I don't remember having cinnamon buns growing up, and I'm wondering if they are (or were) a regional thing? My only thought when I hear cinnamon buns is "airport" or "mall" because of Cinnabon. Anyone? Is there a particular part of the country that specializes in these?