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Mar 11, 2010 01:26 PM

Sorellina - What Should I Not Miss?

Excited to finally be trying Sorellina this weekend with friends who also haven't been there - ever - what's not to be missed on their menu, including cocktails (if even relevant - expecting a nice wine selection)?

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  1. Make sure to get an order of the truffle fries....they are incredible. The "macaroni" with kobe meatballs is also great and so are the tuna tartare and the veal milanese. I think this is one of the best restaurants in town. Even though the room is large, you never have to yell to be heard over other diners.

    1. OK - now I understand the lack of responses to this inquiry - pretty much everything about Sorellina is eminently missable - it's an overpriced scene with pretentious food that must be targeting mostly high end hotel tourists and (clueless) expense accounts. I guess we should have tried the truffle fries since we won't be back...

      The front of the house is a joke - four valets standing there in the pouring rain and no one even makes a gesture to open the door. Four tarts at the hostess stand barely look up when you walk in and have no idea how to help when you ask about paper towels to dry off from being soaked by huge tidal waves down the block. A place positioned this upscale with prices to match should at least greet you with smiles, eye contact, and offers to take your dripping coats off your hands. Mistral is far classier (possibly faint praise...).

      Crowded (but not noisy) seating elbow to elbow and back to back (another woman's hair kept hitting one of our group!) in a highly stylized room from oh, about 1988 (high ceiling, black and white everywhere, including on most of the patrons) - think Quilted Giraffe. The lemon cocktail was huge and one dimensional.

      On the upside, our waiter was professional and responsive with very good wine recommendations. Opinions on the food were divided. The tuna crudo was excellent with its strong horseradish taste. The wines by the glass were good if pricey for stingy pours.

      Two of three who tried the grilled octopus loved it, the other characterized it as a "salt lick with a garnish of minced octopus". The arugula salad was large and "fine".

      Kobe meatballs (four for $27) and pasta were as overwrought as you'd expect - the meat itself was too sweet to be paired with equally sweet "Barolo" sauce and VERY oily pre al dente noodles underneath.

      The pasta special (local cheese tortellini) was good, the lamb main was cooked perfectly but way too sweet, and the mushroom fettucine with wild mushrooms was good but not special. Portions were barely adequate.

      We opted to skip dessert and risk more disappointment. The total bill for the dishes noted above (starter and main for four) plus a total of six glasses of wine was $300 - at least $100 too much IMHO. My personal and corporate expense accounts will dine elsewhere in the future. Skip Sorellina and opt for Brasserie Jo or Summer Shack in this part of the city is my advice.

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        Summer Shack? Ick :-P

        Agree about Sorellina's high prices though. I've only hit it during RW and it was great :-)
        The service staff just about hovers over you...