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Mar 11, 2010 01:15 PM

In search of GREAT dry fried soft shell crab (or shrimp)

Hi all,

Every once in a while I go into renewed mourning for the now-closed Grand Chau Chow Seafood. Today is one of those days. I am longing for their excellent dry fried soft shell crab (or shrimp).

I loved that the thinly battered exterior was never greasy, that the soft shell crab (and shrimp) always had just the right toothsomeness (a balance between crisp exterior and tender interior) without ever being dried out, and that the dishes were topped with a lovely salty mixture of minced jalapeno and cilantro.

Can anyone point me toward an equally good rendition?

(Also, as a side question to those who remember the dish and have some knowledge of Chinese cookery: any idea what that very light batter might have been constructed from? Just a cornstarch dip, or maybe rice flour?)

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  1. my two go to places for this are New Jumbo and Peach Farm

    1. My favovorite for the crabs is Peach Farm. Keep in mind that they're not yet in season and anything now is likely frozen...far inferior to the fresh..a few more weeks..:)

      PFS or Chau Chau City do a good job with the shrimp.

      BTW, saw some live shrimp at CMart today..many of the Ctown restaurants serve them steamed but I'm sure they'd dry fry on request.

      1. I feel your pain, litchick. Grand Chau Chau was also my favorite for dry fried soft shell crab and I haven't found any quite that good. Also have tried to duplicate at home but never had much success.