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Cape May Restaurants

We're spending the weekend in Cape May and looking for some new restaurant ideas. We'll probably go to Cucina Rosa, but we're looking for a new place to try for Saturday night. We've been to Peter Shields, but not since 2002 and I've heard it has gone down hill. We've been to the Blue Pig multiple times; we went to Vanthia's once but didn't care for it, though it might have been our menu choice. We plan to have one breakfast at the Mad Batter and are thinking about trying the Butterfly Tea Room since we enjoy going for tea. We don't drink and I have seafood allergies and don't like most fish. Can anyone recommend a nice place for dinner and somewhere new to try for breakfast?

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  1. 410 Bank is a good spot
    Tisha's on the Boardwalk
    Black Duck on Sunset

    1. Try Georges for breakfast.

      1. Has anyone been to the Lobster House or whatever it is called there? I have friends that go down there about once a week, and it has to be at least an hour, hour and a half drive from here. Anyone been? Is it worth the trip? -mJ

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          I would equate the Lobster House on par with the Shrimp Box in Pt Pleasant, The Lobster Shanty, Pt Pleasant or Bahrs Landing in the Highlands if you are familiar with any other those places...kinda typical Jersey Shore seafood restaurant with avg. food, and gets absolutely packed during the summer. Is it worth a drive down just to eat there , I would suggest not..., but if you are spending time in Cape May, I would say yes....

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            This place is the classic definition of being on the water on a very busy road is a license to print money. Yeah it's always busy but no you're not going to get a great meal. Seafood tastes frozen then overcooked, lobster was served rubberized during our visit and plating was of mess hall quality.

            ... Here's a portion of a review I wrote for tripadvisor:

            We stopped here for lunch on Labor Day. The place was not yet busy, however, the food was worse than terrible. Nearly inedible.

            The broiled FISHERMAN'S PLATTER had one small piece of some kind of whitefish, one (yes 1) measly overcooked butterflied shrimp (could have been better used as a doorstop) and three small scallops served up on a plate with nothing else - unless you count the hiddeous sprinkling of bright red paprika on the fish!

            The split "chicken" LOBSTER stuffed with SHRIMP SALAD was worse. The shrimp in the shrimp salad was rock hard. The lobster claw meet was rubberized . . . way beyond overcooked!


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              Yikes! Thanks for the heads up! -mJ

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                Always have to be suspicious of any NJ Seafood establishment within a quarter mile of water whose menu starts with "Fishermans Platter - Broiled or Fried"

            2. For dinner i would suggest The Washington Inn

              1. For a good, filling, cheap breakfast, I always enjoy Bella Vida in West Cape May.

                1. The Ebbitt Room in the Virginia Hotel is super. If you are going this weekend, I hope you get better weather than northern NJ expects. There's a movie theater on the main drag along the ocean, No malls in Cape May county. Some good wineries if they are open in the off-season.

                  1. Union Landing
                    Blue Pig, if only for the in-season strawberry shortcake

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                      Anyone find anything new in Cape May/Wildwood/Stone Harbor area?

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                        Anyone been to Cape May this summer? Dinner ideas?

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                          The Washington Inn is overpriced and the service is not what it used to be.The food is so so and the kitchen staff needs to get on the ball waited too long between the appetizer and the entree and then the dining room manager was truly rude and condescending.

                          Washington Inn
                          801 Washington Street, Cape May, NJ 08204

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                            Union Park was very good. Ebbitt Room was disappointing.Good breakfast at Tisha's now on the mall.

                            Union Park
                            727 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204

                            Ebbitt Room
                            25 Jackson Street, Cape May, NJ 08204

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                              Just back from Cape May Point where we had another fine dinner at Union Park; an excellent veal chop was simply but perfectly prepared, and the truffle frites are as addictive as ever; service and ambience are fine, and BYOB helps keeps the cost within reason.

                              Biggest food surprise of this year for us, though, was an outstanding muffaletta from Seaside Cheese (on Park Ave in West Cape May) - huge sandwich on good bread with a nice selection of meat and cheese, a delicious spicy olive spread, and a very reasonable price tag. This quality bread/cheese/cold cut/olives/etc. store has doubled in size since it opened a year or two ago, and is a welcome addition to CM.

                              Union Park
                              727 Beach Ave, Cape May, NJ 08204