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Mar 11, 2010 12:07 PM

30 of the city's top chefs gather for James Beard event

Anybody heard about the James Beard event on March 21st at Kingsley House? I hear that New Orleans chefs who have cooked at the James Beard House or been honored through their awards program are cooking with Louisiana ingredients. The menu and other info is online at I'm going to attend and plan on spreading the word!

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  1. This promises to be the culinary event of the year! Tremendous group of chefs, live music, and looks a gret way to usher in the long-awaited SPRING! Thanks for the heads-up.

    1. Thanks for the info. Just ordered our tix.

      1. I received the email for this event late last week. Unfortunately, we won't be in town until two weeks later. Please report back. I'm pea green with jealousy over those that get to attend.

        1. Thanks for the tip. This looks like an amazing event, I'm very glad it takes place when I'm visiting. Does anyone have any idea how folks will be dressed?

          1. I am so excited! I found out about this event completely by accident a few weeks ago and we are actually going to be in NOLA for it (we live in Salt Lake City). Just going to head over to look at the menu and begin my drooling. I would also love an idea of what to wear since I have to pack tonight!

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              I wrote to the listed POC and he said casual. His suggestion was khakis and polo shirt for the guys, sundresses for the gals.

              1. re: SouthernGent

                Thanks so much. Guess I need to dig out some "spring" clothes as it just snowed here last Saturday. How I miss knowing when spring will arrive as opposed to having to guess.