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Mar 11, 2010 11:43 AM


My son LOVES popsicles so while we are visiting Austin at the end of March, I promised him we would find some good ones. Any paleta shops or carts that are reccomended? I'm thinking of locopops in Raleigh type places....or if any locally made ones are sold at markets...


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  1. I have not tried them, but take a look at Good Pops:

    This is an older story from the Austin Chronicle, but it's still interesting background:

    If I ever buy one, it's from one of these pushcart vendors. I have seen one or two out on the street already.

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      Oh, and if you want to get into Austin's sno-cones/raspas/snowballs/shaved ice/water ice, that's a whole nother bag!

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        our work cafeteria carries them.
        they are pricey (possible mark up on the part of our company) but they are delicious.
        i have tried a mango with chile, a cucumber, and a tamarind.

        borntoeat, it's too bad austin's beloved casey's snowballs won't be open, because they are a real treat.
        soft and fluffy shaved ice, home made and lovingly prepared flavors.

        there used to be a paleteria i went to, that has since closed, that had lovely parfaits made with sweetened mexican crema and strawberries.
        definitely a treat for you and your son, so if you see some in your travels, give it a go!

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          Good Pops are quite tasty, although they never have the horchata flavor. When my son was a baby 4 years ago, there was a great place called La Paletera that had really good paletas we grew addicted to. Then all of the Austin locations closed. I don't like the paletas from the carts as they all seem to have cucumber water as a base.

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            that was the place i was thinking of.
            i had that cup of sweet crema and strawberries, and it was better than ice cream!
            i also enjoyed the cup of sliced cucumber with lime and chile.

        2. El Chilito sells paletas.There are two locations: one on Manor Road on the East side and another on Congress near 9th Street. Not sure whether they make them on premises or not.

          1. I don't know what a "Raleigh-type-place" is, but I'd recommend the wonderful Mexican popsicles at "Las Delicias", 8120 Research Blvd; a block west of Lamar Blvd along the southbound access road of Research Blvd at Anderson Square behind Hobby Lobby. This self-described "paleteria y neveria" is tucked in a shopping center that includes the MUCH easier-to-spot "Cap City Comedy Club". "Las Delicias" also dispatches bell-jingling, cart-pushing vendors throughout the nearby north Austin neighborhoods, and I'm a regular customer. My favorites are vanilla, banana, coconut, and strawberry.

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              this is excellent information.
              it's on yelp as "La Delicias Paleteria Y Neveria" but has no reviews/ratings yet.

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                Las Delicias didn't seem to have a website, so I put something together for them, although it's in no way official. ..http://lasdeliciaspaleteria.blogspot....

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                  I echo the recommendation of Las Delicias. They have a lot of different flavors. Coconut is probably the best. But if you're gonna head over their try their ice cream. Paletas are good on the go, but coconut in a cone? Heavenly. Be aware that they only take cash I think,

            2. I love Goodpops! You can find them at Wheatsville or in their little trailer on Barton Springs between S. 1st & S. Lamar. Delicious paletas, all natural ingredients.