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Mar 11, 2010 11:16 AM

butcher for best ham

We want to buy the best ham possible for Easter. Need recommendations for butchers. Ham isn't expensive, so price is no object.

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  1. East Village Meats on 2nd Avenue between 9th and St. Marks has excellent hams.

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      1. re: adrman

        If this is the Polish or Ukranian place next to the Subway shop, then that would be my suggestion too.

        If you prefer Virginia ham, you can try Garden of Eden, and in Brooklyn, the Meat Hook, and Marlow and Daughters will have the best locally raised hams money can buy.

      2. Try a fresh ham from Flying Pigs at the Greenmarket. Their pork is truly remarkable. Fans of Iberico from Spain may not agree that ham isn't expensive. : )

        Enjoy your holiday!