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Mar 11, 2010 10:15 AM

Rocco's on Folsom

I am flying up from LA for 24 hours and my best friend is insisting on going to Rocco's for dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Rocco's is an Italian-American joint similar to the many old-school "Joe's" restaurants in the Bay Area. Much of the food is either sauteed or pan-fried and features large portions, tomato sauce, garlic, veal, chicken, etc. I would not consider it a "must visit" type of place. It was featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives."

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    1. Spaghetti with Meatballs!

      DavidT's characterization is correct. Its been a while since I've been there. Its not a place I go out of my way for. But for some unknown reason this question kept bouncing around in my head, challenging my addled memory. Now, out of the blue: meatballs! (And now that I look at the menu, I'm thinking I need to head back to try their calamari. This is the kind of place that probably does a good job with that dish.)

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        So this thread prompted me to take the family there to see if this was an enduring piece of neighborhood history. I had the meatballs and my son had the fried calamari. And it was totally regretable. Big boated, indigestible mistake. Not sure if its gone downhill, or if the world has gone uphill. I think a little of both. We won't be going there again...

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          Rocco's has only been around for about 20 years, so it's more retro than historic.

      2. I love roccos' because it's my neighborhood local. It truly shines as a breakfast place (IMO) but that might be because I like getting my eggs with a side of meatballs.
        the specials are good and so is their chicken parmesan and their meatballs. It's a good solid place but is not your typical SF destination restaurant.
        I would recommend whatever pie they have for dessert. And I like their salads a lot (the marinated chicken comes to mind). But I love this place because it's just a good basic neighborhood restaurant not a SF destination place.

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        1. re: margieco

          Mmm, eggs with meatballs is sounding good to me right now . . . that's what I get for eating vegetarian for the last two days.

          Rocco's Cafe
          1131 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

        2. I would agree that this is an okay choice for breakfast with an italian flair, but not really a destination for dinner unless you are really deprived of old-school italian in LA?