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Mar 11, 2010 09:41 AM

Kosher Dried Whole Egg Product?

My grandson is supposed to have milk shakes every day, to bolster his caloric intake and nutritional intake--he's one heck of a fussy eater, and basically only loves milk based drinks.

Those milk shakes need to have either a pasturized liquid whole egg product, or powdered egg in them--can you help?

Any other suggestions for additions to those shakes?

Any suggestions for a good Ensure type product, that is Kosher, but is less expensive, with a good Hecksher?

Any other suggestions to get nutrition into a fussy 10 year old? He won't eat meat at all, due to knowing he would have to wait too long to have another milk based drink! some reason for winding up a vegetarian!!!

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  1. I left something out. I live in Philadelphia, daughter in N. E. Philly, if you know where these products might be sold.

    1. Why does it need egg? Why not just protein powder?

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        I don't know anything about protein powder; is that parve also? What is the protein made of? He could really use the kind of protein and iron found in egg yolks though.

        1. re: Bashful3

          Protein powders are usually soy based (like this one, which is pareve: or whey based (like this one: (I've never heard of this website before, but it's the first thing that comes up when one Googles kosher protein powder.) It's a complete protein, just like an egg in that sense. Some of the protein powders I saw during my brief searching are iron supplemented as well. All of them can be mixed into shakes to increase their protein content, although it's not something I've ever done myself.

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            The egg white is where most of the protein is.

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              Most of the kosher health food/vitamin stores have protein powder. You could definitely ask in the store which would be best blended into a milk shake. I've tasted some before, and they have a slightly chalky aftertaste.