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Bottega Louie for group bday dinner? Good or bad?

Looking for a place to have a 30th birthday dinner with 12 people next Saturday. A lot of recommendations for Bottega Louie but only recently I see that some people did not like it?!? So now I don't know if I should have it there or not.. I know we will have to wait since they don't take reservations. Any thoughts on keeping it at Bottega Louie or having it somewhere else? Nothing too pricey..

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  1. Not bad. A good choice for your needs. What happens is new restaurants get over-hyped and everyone is like OMG Bottega Louie!! (This phenomenon is particularly prominent downtown, for some reason, maybe because there are lots of new restaurants downtown.) But eventually there's a backlash from people who think the hype is undeserved. Bottega Louie is perfectly fine though and everyone will be happy.

    1. I went to Bottega Louie once and failed to understand what the hype was about. 40-minute wait on a random weekday night (we were just a party of 2), expensive small plates, rather unremarkable-tasting. The most interesting part of the evening was marveling over the whiteness of the space and the activity in the open kitchen. Sorry, i just didn't "get" it.

      1. beautiful space, great pan au chocolats on most days, but the food is not very good. go elsewhere.

          1. I'm not a fan from a food standpoint, but from the angle of loud, birthday party ambience I'd say go for it.

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              it's a loud, crowded mess with mediocre food and inflated prices. your group of 12 won't be able to make reservations (they don't accept them) so you'll need to wait. i tried to go there with a group of ten and the wait was two hours. i had talked with somebody there the night before over the phone, she said the wait would be 45 minutes at most. my ass! that was my last time.

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                your experience was worse than mine, even taking into account that they decided to charge my credit card twice for the ONE (poor) meal. they even submitted fraudulent paperwork to support their claim, it took me three rounds with my VISA bank to demonstrate the fraud. FINALLY got their charge removed.

                let's see:
                unbearably loud
                horrible service
                food on the poor side of so-so
                credit card fraud
                costly parking
                no reservations

                would i go back there? not very likely.

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                  We went on Oscar Night and were able to get a table for 7 right away. But as you say the food was Meh.

            2. Cavernous space where you have to shout to the person opposite, it's so noisy, and no one will ever hear what's being said at the other end of the table.

              1. I went there for dinner last night. We got there around 630 and did not have to wait for a table. It was quite loud, but we really enjoyed our meal. Everything we ate was tasty and while not groundbreaking or innovative, we really enjoyed our food. It has a fun atomsphere and sounds like it would be good for your needs.

                1. When I went a few months ago it was fun. Good, not great food, lively and a big open stark space. I think you either like it or not. It's easy to take sides on a place like this. I'd go back.

                  1. Agree with pnut, the space is very stark and just a huge, cavernous room, not really cozy or intimate enough for a birthday, although the bf and I went here as a belated Valentine's dinner. The food is ok, there's a little extra something missing from the dishes that would elevate them to great. I did love the trenne, if you're a fan of that really crunchy pasta on the edge of the lasagna. Portabello fries are what they're known for, but they were underseasoned to me, just keep dipping them in the aoili.