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Mar 11, 2010 09:26 AM

Volt - Table 21 Expanding

According to the blog 4 more seats are being added along with two seatings for every night of the week.

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  1. Hopefully that won't be the start of the end.

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    1. re: MikeR

      Why would it be the beginning of the end? 8 seats is not exactly Applebee's seating.

      1. re: reiflame

        It's just not as exclusive, that's all. The chef has more to think about since he's serving more people, plus he probably has something to do with what's served to the 'regular' patrons. Let's see what Joe has to say about this. He's our expert on this table. I've never been there, and probably never will be. But it's important to me that this place seems to have become really special for the food and the care.

    2. I've gone to Table 21 for a special occasion, my 1st year Wedding anniversary, last year. This was before all the Top Chef madness. When we elected to go it was specifically because they were open on a Sunday the day of our anniversary, while other high end restaurants were closed. Volt at the time, was fairly unknown.

      I for one thought it was a great experience, wonderful food and service. I don't consider myself "better" than anyone else for going, and I think it's a wonderful addition to Frederick.

      Chef's tables are not for everyday or everyone, and luckily there are many great options outside these in the Baltimore/DC area for us all.

      1. i just called them, and they said that it's only friday and saturday nights that there are two seatings. i neglected to ask if that meant that my party of 4 in 1.5 months would have an additional 4 people seated with us, but i was told that the 7pm seating that night is the only seating that night.

        1. FWIW- I dined in the Chef's Dining room last Saturday (the 10th) and it looked like the "Table 21" area had already expanded on that night. There were 8 people seated around the bar-type area that divides the open kitchen from the rest of the room. All the seats were filled when we were seated at 6, and they were all still going strong when we left a little before 8.