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Mar 11, 2010 09:21 AM

Would like Oak Cliff restaurant recommendation

We are going to be in the Oak Cliff area and remember reading about a fairly new restaurant that is a "must eat ther"' but I can't remember the name. Does anyone know or have a recommendation for a good restaurant in the Oak Cliff area?

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  1. could it be Smoke that you read about?

    1. Bolsa, Hattie's, Tillman's Roadhouse??? All great, but Bolsa is the hot new thing.

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      1. re: strong95

        I concur with Strong95's list. I think Smoke has been off lately. Eno's is terrific, too. The best pizza in the OC with a huge amount of "boutique" beer's on tap.

      2. Thank you. We ended up at Hattie's and had a great meal. It turns out that I was thinking of 48 Nights, but they are only open on Monday and Tuesday and you need reservations.

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        1. re: mjtx

          Good for you. Hattie's is my favorite. Hope you had the shrimp and grits.

        2. I was thinking about the shrimp and grits, but I couldn't get past the appetizers so we ordered 3 appetizers (fried green tomatoes, the crab cake, and the blue- cheesecake w/ poached pear) and one order of the meatloaf and we split everything. We had the chocolate, coconut pecan pie for dessert. We are looking forward to going back and I'l try the shrimp and grits..

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