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Mar 11, 2010 09:20 AM

Ess-A-Bagel is mighty tasy bagel haha

Wow these are great bagels.

I sampled the 9 grain with honey with half blueberry and half strawberry cream cheese and a bacon,egg, and cheese on everything bagel. Both were seriously delicious.

The 9 grain with honey was particularly amazing. The honey added a great extra sweetness to the bagel and the cream cheeses were the most delicious and fresh I have ever had!

The everything bagel was also great, wish there was a little more egg in the sandwich but this was high quality. Next time I will sample it with just regular cream cheese as that is my favorite bagel creation.

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  1. lols yeah i love essa bagel too. my favorite bagel is actually kossar's bialy. i was surprised i went their with 30 dollars worth of russ and daughter gear (various loxes and fish) and was disappointed at the bialy. i didnt know u had to heat it up. but i ended up getting 2 bagels to have some starch with my russ and daughters food and i thought the bagels was a mighty tasty.
    i will try the 9 grain with honey at essa bagel with the strawberry and blueberry cream cheeses though, thanks for the tips. always appreciate your reviews.