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Mar 11, 2010 09:17 AM

Crawfish and Crab Claws-headed to NO on Sunday

Hi all, We're heading to NO on Sunday and have enjoyed reading all your recommendations for where to eat. I'm also looking for some specific things! Where would be the best place for me to get some boiled crawfish and crab claws? (Not at the same time, just looking for the best places to find these things.) Thanks!

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  1. will you have a car? if so, head to Galley Seafood on Met. Rd. for boiled seafood. also like RiverPond Seafood on Airline Hwy and R&O's in Bucktown.

    for crab claws, go to Mandina's and also get their turtle soup and trout menuniere w/crabmeat and an oyster po boy. or go to Mosca's for their marinated crab salad. and if you're really adventurous, go to Kim Son for their salt baked crabs.

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      the crab salad at Mosca's has not been notable the last two times ive tried it. very little in the way of crab.

    2. For the crawfish do you want fried, sauteed or in a cream type sauce? I love the crab claws at Impastato's. They are in a wonderful lemony cream sauce.

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        The OP stated boiled crawfish, so I would imagine they are looking for someplace to buy boiled.

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          Ooops.....I was talking about the crab claw...but accidentally put crawfish.

          Also, if it's boiled crab claws you want, the best deal around is Red Maple with their All You Can Eat king crab for $24.95 on Monday nights.

      2. Too bad you'll be in town on favorite place for fried crab claws is Casamento's, hands down. Tossed in corn meal, fried in lard....