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Mar 11, 2010 09:14 AM

Reheating unfrozen lasagna (whole)


I'm hosting a party around noon on Saturday and was going to make 2 lasagnas in advance Friday morning. My plan was to assemble and bake them per recipe, refrigerate overnight, and then reheat in time for the party.

I'm ASSuming that's a better plan than assembling them in advance but not baking them until Saturday but I'm happy to hear you beg to differ.

What's the best way to reheat the lasagna on Saturday (temp, time, how should I cover it, should I let it come to room temperature first, etc)?

I don't really have time on Saturday to assemble and bake...and I think of lasagna as something that should reheat well but otoh, I feel like I generally reheat on a piece by piece basis as opposed to the whole pan.

Your tips welcome.


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  1. I usually assemble and cover it with foil, then bake the day of the event. Be sure to let them come close to room temperature before baking.

    1. I would bake the day of as well.

      As far as tips, I'm not sure what you're planning on but I would encourage you to seek out some fresh pasta sheets for lasagna (higher end grocery store will have them) or at the very least use the no-boil lasagna sheets from Barilla. You can actually use regular noodles and use the no-boil method, but those annoying crinkles on the side take up too much damn space. Boiling noodles is a waste of time and makes things messy when you already have several ingredients on the counter.

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        I'd also let them sit in the fridge overnight or longer. Let the flavors incorporate. Pre=heat the oven to 350 and toss in the oven for an hour or so.

      2. Lasagne reheats beautifully in the microwave, but we've never reheated more than two portions at a time.

        1. I have a different opinion than most who replied. I think lasagna tastes better when its baked first and then reheated. What I've done for parties in the past was to bake it first, cover it, refrigerate it, then reheat it. Reheat it at 350 degrees F, for about a half hour covered with aluminum foil, then uncover and put back in the oven for another half hour or so. The amount of time to heat it covered vice uncovered is determined by the amount of sauce used....uncover it, and if it looks fairly wet (liquid on top/sides of the noodles) then leave it uncovered. If on the other hand, it looks fairly dry, cover it back up and check again in 15 minutes. Hope this helps!

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            1. I'm with most of the other posters: prep in advance on Friday and bake it off on Sat; no need to heat it twice if you don't have to, which in MO is more work. Let it come to room temp before cooking it off and do it in time to give the lasagna time to rest before serving.