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Mar 11, 2010 09:09 AM

Pancakes in Honolulu (or nearby)

Pancake freak from the East Coast is looking for the best pancakes in the Honolulu area. Prefer the fluffy, airy type, and banana fillings and good maple syrup is a plus. Not looking for ones with "sauce" or nuts, or any other frou-frou add-on's unless there is a reason to get them. I saw Mac 24/7 on Man vs. Food (but have not read much good about it) and was thinking more like Eggs 'n Thinks or Liliha Bakery.

Hawaiian Chowhounds, lead me to the promised land (and not IHOP either)!

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  1. Liliha Bakery!!! Anna Miller's at Pearlridge also makes good pancakes. Full breakfasts available at both places, both open 24 hours (except Liliha closes on Mondays).

    1. I would be shocked if you can find a place in HI that serves real maple syrup with their pancakes. If anything, since youʻre in Hawaii, enjoy the coconut sauce that usually accompanies a plate of pancakes.
      I havenʻt tried Boots and Kimo (Kailua) since they opened their new place but their pancakes used to be reliably light and fluffy. If you donʻt like the sauce and nuts, just ask for a plate without it.

      1. Add Original Pancake House to the list

        1. The pancakes at Rainbow Drive In have always satisfied me after a dawn patrol surf session. Syrup is from a packet though... Big City Diner is also an option.

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            and the Big City Diner pancakes with haupia sauce are worth trying. Wailana Coffee Shop used to have good pancakes, but I haven't been in years.

            the OP is off to a good start with Eggs 'n Things and Liliha bakery. Maybe we should send him to Molokai for the banana pancakes at Kanemitsu's. Does anyone else mash the banana into the batter any more? Original Pancake House is good (both locations), but it's not any different than the mainland locations.

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              I know lots of people love the carrot pancakes at Cinnamon's in Kailua. They also have a nice eggs benedict in more than one variety and you can get full or half order. I have had their regular pancakes as well and they were really good. They had some deal where they came free but i don't remember why.

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                The mainland ones don't have portuguese sausage or spam...

            2. The restaurant at the Olomana Golf Course. No real maple syrup, though (but I doubt if many restaurants in Hawaii serve the real stuff.)

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                Just thought I'd report back. We tried the pancakes first at Eggs N' Things because it was just down the street from our hotel. Fortunately we got there early, beating the long lines who wait hours for the breakfasts. We tried the banana pancakes with macadamia nuts and whipped cream. Based on a tip from our helpful server, Harold, we ordered the pancakes with the bananas in the pancakes (as opposed to just on top which is how they are normally done). The platter had five pancakes that were perfectly cooked but seemed gummy and flabby for lack of a better word. The bananas in them were great but the real draw here is the heaping pile of light, airy whipped cream on top of them. That was the best part. The pancakes are served with three syrups, traditional, cocounut, and guava, although I'm not sure about the last one, as it may have been another exotic fruit. The traditional syrup was so-so but the coconut syrup was very good. Overall, the whole combination was good, but not great, and certainly nothing worth waiting in line for hours to eat.

                The following day we drove to Boots and Kino's in Kailua. Despite hearing about long lines, we got there a half an hour before they opened and were second in line. We also tried the banana macadamia pancakes here. The pancakes at Boots and Kimos are very large, traditional ones and were covered in a delicious frothy, coconut sauce. They also have Log Cabin syrup here if you want to add it on as well, although it's not really needed. We found the pancakes themselves here to be much better than Eggs 'N Things, as they were light and fluffy, although not quite as good as in Philly. Still, they were really good and and well worth the drive, which was scenic and enjoyable on it's own.

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                  so sad to hear that the pancakes at eggs n things didn't survive the move to the new location. sad, but not unexpected.


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                    You can also try Moke's or Cinnamons (recommended by Manomin earlier in this thread) for breakfast if you go back to Kailua before leaving Oahu.