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Mar 11, 2010 08:45 AM


Taking family to Craft for daughters 26th birthday dinner. Heard it is family style. Would appreciate some recomendations of outstanding dishes to order!

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    1. my favorites (these dishes were like crack!): donuts! i also ordered ice cream. great to dunk in. jersaleum artichokes very addicting!
      fantastic: sweetbreads-like chicken nuggets but better, pork trotter-pig's feet delicious with an egg on top. be careful though its a bit messy to eat and theres a big piece of fat in there. i love pig fat but this was like gelatin. be sure to remove it and rest is delish. the pain perdu is also fantastic. pumpkin agnolitti-flavorful. garlic rissoto-nice and creamy. the pain perdu was the best french toast i ever had. i just learned a few weeks ago in my french class that that's what the french call french toast. short ribs-delicious, falling off the bonee! the banana cream pie-a bit too much whipped cream (i'm not a fan of whipped cream so u might like it)
      the good-mushroom medley-some of the mushrooms were better the the others. chocolate souffle-very chocolatey. i like chocolate but enjoy a lot with other flavors not by itself. it was fantastic though with ice cream, but not by itself. pumpkin muffin-this was complimentary when u leave, one of the best muffins i ever had.
      the okay-duck-it was just okay.
      Nothing I had was bad. I don't think craft is very innovative with food. But I think it's very solid well executed food with outstanding desserts.

      1. Certainly top notch institution and one of my favorite restaurants in the city.

        My favorites are the porterhouse, short ribs, lobster for mains. The porterhouse and short ribs will always be on the menu. Lobster is more of a seasonal thing but I am sure they would do any fish well.

        For apps they have a great crispy "bacon" which is basically huge chunks of pork belly seriously delicioso. Also the pumpkin agnolotti is great-- whatever pasta they are featuring.

        They really shine with the side dishes. The best side I have ever had is the corn and bacon risotto. They feature it sometimes in the summer but it is incredibly amazing. Standbys that you can always get and are can't miss are the assorted mushrooms, roasted carrots, gnocchi, and potatoes au gratin.

        For dessert I loved the chocolate souffle and the pain perdu rec by daffyduck is on the mark. Also, they do a great job with their assorted ice creams.

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          We had an amazing meal there on Monday night, the 30 day aged steak was delish, so was the swordfish, bacon/corn risotto, mixed mushroom saute, and die for!!!!!

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            The roast suckling pig for 2 is fantastic. bacon/corn risotto on the side. But you'll be pretty happy whatever you order, it's really a fine feast.