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Mar 11, 2010 07:51 AM

Tribeca Tavern - Cary - anyone?

Has anyone been there (corner of High House and Davis)?

Close to my house and wondering if it is any good. (Will have to try out on a Monday for $3 Drafts...)


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  1. Alan-
    Ordered two different burgers (Gruyere & Mushroom $10 / The Blazin' Asian $12) that were supposed to include SHITAKE MUSHROOMS. When the burgers came to the table, I immediately saw that both different burgers came instead with the cheap common button mushrooms.

    Brought this to the attention of the waiter and miraculously, a small serving of shitake mushrooms were brought to the table. Shitake mushrooms are more expensive and flavorful mushroom and asked if they tried to pass button mushrooms off as Shitake for those who would not know the difference.

    Mind you that your paying premium price for these burgers and to have cheaper ingredients being passed of, as "top shelf" is wrong and a rip-off. Make sure you get what you're paying for.
    NOTE: Tribeca Tavern has changed their menu to read and offer "wild mushrooms" instead of the Shitake. Skimping on the ingredients they have without lowering the price of their burgers. Read other reviews from YELP/GOOGLE/OPEN TABLE

    Five Guys Burgers, which is around the corner from them, is a waaayyy better deal. If you don't need to have alcohol and flat panel TV's to accompany your meal, then do try Five Guys. Your tab will be much lower and feel more satisfied that you got more than you paid for.

    968 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901