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Mar 11, 2010 07:05 AM

We tried Erbaluce

Hi all,

Just wanted to give my review of Erbaluce. Unfortunatley, our experience wasn't that good. My husband and I went for my birthday in Feb. I was so excited b/c I heard great things about it.

We arrived at our reservation time. I wanted a "romantic table" for my birthday. They sat us near the hostest station. That was ok, we accepted it. I wanted to branch out and order something different, but I was craving beef. We first had the razor clams and they were pretty good. I was very disappointed with my entree'
I ordered the beef (I think it was the only beef choice on the menu) I got my dinner and about 90% of it was all fat. This is what disappoints me the most. I told the waiter my beef was mostly fat. He told me that it is like "rib beef" and it's "suppose to be fatty" He then said, "Is it too fatty?" I said, "yes". Because it was. It had a HUGE chunk of fat that took up most of the beef. The waiter never asked me about it again. Most fine restaurants will ask you if you want something different, or give you a free dessert for something! He just totally disregarded what I had said.
My husband ordered the veal and it was also very fatty.

Dessert was just ok. It didn't taste that fresh...

We are not real picky, but when it comes to high end/high price restaurants, you want it to be excellant!


Oh well, won't be going back, sad to say...

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  1. I also went for my birthday in Feb! When we arrived there was some glitch in the open table system and our reservation was somehow "canceled". We did get seated after quite a wait, however. My favorite dish was the smelts. Four of us shared the gnocchi, following the advice of the waited who said we might find it too heavy for a main dish. He was right -- one fork and I was done. Too sauce-heavy and not enough flavor. Mains were ok, not mind-blowing and a couple people shared the panna cotta. The room got quite loud by the end of the meal. Doubtful we will go back.

    1. My understanding is that that beef dish is actually beef shin, so some of what looked like fat may have been gelatin?

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        I don't know what it was, but ME NO LIKE!! lol