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Mar 11, 2010 06:03 AM

Hawaii Food Tours (Honolulu) -- anyone been?

We are planning a few days on Oahu and I came across this food tour. Looks like fun. Has anyone out there been?

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  1. someone in here put up a posting a couple of years ago. that review gave a so-so response.

    1. there are several heated threads regarding this tour in the tripadvisor forums. you should check them out if you are planning on participating. there were several complaints about the tour being a ripoff, but some ppl also defended the tour. i think it depends on what your expectations are.

      personally, i think you can have a wonderful time on your own if you do a little research and become more informed.

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          I mostly hang out on the Southwest board, but I came over here to HI because I was thinking about a trip we've booked for September. I saw this thread and had to reply: If you're talking about the Matthew Gray/Keira Nagai "Hole in the Wall" food tour ( ), my wife and I took it on the morning of our 13th anniversary a couple of years ago.

          The tour was an absolute blast - they picked us up on time (a teensy bit early, actually), and then whisked us away for a marvelously fun morning with five other couples. I learned a ton (no sense going through all the nifty stuff I saw and learned about, since every tour is different) and enjoyed every bite at every place. Matthew and Keira had remarkable abilities to inform, to anticipate and evade possible problems, to personalize the tour for each person on it and to make things fun for every one of them. Oh, and - I'm a BIG eater and I came away FULL. The morning tour sort of ruined our anniversary dinner on that count that evening: hours later, I was kinda still too full to really enjoy it.

          Aside from Matthew's coveted restaurant list, Matthew and Keira gave us their personal cell phone numbers and encouraged us to call if we had any questions about anything during our trip! They were such great hosts. I really came away feeling as if I'd spent the day with old friends. Honestly, that food tour is one of my favorite memories of all my vacations. I don't say that lightly - our tour was an absolute blast and felt like a screaming bargain. We're going back this fall (our 15th anniversary) and we're very much looking forward to taking another tour with Matthew and Keira.

          I hope that you go and that you have a great time. :-)