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Mar 11, 2010 05:20 AM

Loved Russian Family Bistro in San Bruno

i don't see a lot of mention of Russian Family Bistro on the Chowhound San Francisco board. This is the kind of place I love finding and exploring, so I'm posting to remind the Hounds about it.
I loved this place, largely because I'm of Slavic descent and they do a really nice job with Slavic food.
I got the pierogies and Ghoulash. My mom's pierogies were boiled and these were baked. I still like boiled better but these wee nice. The meat filled were the best.
The ghoulash was excellent. The veal was fall-apart tender. A nice sauce they said they spiced up for me. The presentation was excellent (see my photo). They bring it out served in a bell pepper. To the right is fried cabbage with sour cream drizzled on it and to the left is spaetzle. Both were also tasty.
This is a place I want to come back and explore.

Russian Family Restaurant
719 Camino Plz, San Bruno, CA 94066

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  1. Thanks for this post. We enjoyed dinner at this very old-fashioned restaurant.

    We also got the goulash as well as chicken pelmeni and mushroom barley soup. The soup was the only one I wouldn't try again; Cinderella's version is closer to what my family made.

    Goulash was extremely tender. The pan-fried cabbage cake was delicious. I took half of the goulash home, and thought it was even better the second day. Most everything is cooked to order. The chicken Kiev at the next table looked amazing. Portions are big.

    We also had a couple of glasses of Georgian wine, and enjoyed looking at the vodka list.

    A warning that Russian Family's storefront is barely visible at night. I knew where it was and still passed it twice.

    BTW The owner said they are having a special cheese dinner for Maslenitza coming up this month. Details here:
    All you can eat blini, pelmeni, and vareniki for $30 including a glass of wine or shot of vodka.

    Also looking forward to returning when the bakery is open.