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Mar 11, 2010 05:03 AM

London Restaurant Week - worthwhile?

Hi, I'm visiting London for a week beginning the 20th and trying to do my research. I found the following: and wondered which restaurants might do a great job. (In Boston during our resto week we sometimes have mass-produced meh instead of normal quality chow.) I'm staying near Victoria station in a rented flat, and I'm particularly interested in Harwood Arms, The Golden Hind, and perhaps some ethnic restaurants for Indian, Polish, etc. I've made one reservation at The Ledbury for my birthday dinner, and I'm thinking of booking Hibiscus for lunch. Any recs for restaurant week, neighborhood haunts by Victoria tube stop or takeaway shops would be highly appreciated.

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  1. Quilon for Keralan food is highly recommended by our Indian-food-in-the know-people. It's very close to Victoria and would be a good, nearby choice for lunch or dinner.

    1. Yes Quilon is good, also Amaya for Indian food, I believe both have Michelin stars.

      1. Thank you for the recs. My daughter asked to go out for sushi - I know there are many threads but many are old. Anyone visited Tomoe recently? Mai Food, Dinings - they look near enough to Victoria staton - thoughts? Also interested in good takeaway or food shops in the area. Thanks in advance!

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          A very fast cab ride from Victoria is Ishbilia which serves excellent Lebanese food. Things in London are closer than they appear to be on the Tube map. It's very safe traveling around at night.

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            I have been to Tomoe and Dinings recently. Tomoe was fine, wouldn't rush back. Dinings was astonishingly good in places, quite disappointing in others.

            The eel on rice (unaju/unagi don) was very nice, but the foie gras that came with it was needless and didn't work with the eel and kabayaki sauce, which were delicious. The rice is also very well done.

            My girlfriend got a chirashi don - sushi on rice. Brilliant. Some of the best sushi I've had in London. This seems to change depending on what the itamae has available. She got fatty tuna amongst others, which was really good.
            The items at Dinings were of a higher quality than Tomoe in general too. The miso soup was good and the green tea was also better. The desserts, whilst an aside, were good too. I like Dinings a lot, recommended.

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              Dinings sounds like a plan. Approximate cost per person? Reservations essential always?
              Thanks for the info!

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                For lunch, if ordering off the set menu, then it's reasonable:


                There's a picture of our bill when we went. No alcohol and ordered sets. If you go a la carte and drink, then it'll be considerably more. Note that they have a specials board which is worth a look.

                They have a website, by the way:

                Booking: I would, as it's quite a small restaurant, but during the week a walk-in should be fine.

          2. Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia is a great gastropub and a short walk from Victoria. Its sister venue The Orange is also worth a visit.

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              That's great, thanks - I'm very interested in gastropubs. Do you have to book in advance? Wondering about going out the day we arrive as we will be so sleep deprived. Also, how far away is Harwood Arms? I'm getting my geography quite confused.

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                Hi, I live in Pimlico, which is next to Victoria. I'm sorry to say that I have found that both The Orange and Thomas Cubbitt are seriously disappointing for food (although fun for drinks). A shame as The Orange could have been the one to fill the gap for a decent gastropub around here. Have had three terrible meals there in the past month, and I have now given up. Maybe just bad luck.... You're best off going to the Harwood Arms. It is 10 mins on the tube (to Fulham Broadway, then a 7 min walk). Or new kid on the block, the Canton ARms, only three stops from Victoria (Stockwell). Two local faves near Victoria: I always love the crab linguine at Olivomare in Belgravia, 7 mins walk from Victoria. I go there at least once a month for it (some find it too oily and garlicky, but I actively crave the dish...). Hunan is another favourite, next to the Orange. Why not go for a bar snack and drink in the Orange and then try Hunan? Kazan on WIlton Road, just up from Vic station, does very good middle eastern. For a lunchtime filling bowl of noodles, go to Jenny Lo's Tea House.

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                  Harwood Arms is close to Fulham Broadway underground station. It isn't that far maybe 25 mins (max) by tube from the Victoria Station, it is on same line (District) approx 6 stops - get the Wimbledon train. Yes you need to book the Harwood.