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Mar 11, 2010 04:48 AM

Santiago Eats and Drinks?

I have read with gusto the reviews from 2008, and I am excited abbout trying a few of those places -- ecpecially Tio Lucho in Mercado Central.

I am looking for additional suggestions from you chowhounders because my group came to Santiago with less than cosmopolitan clothing. Because of work requirements, we are strictly jeans and polo shirts on this trip. So I ask -- where can we find good food without the need for dressing up?

We are staying in El Golf, and we are looking for lunch and dinner spots. Steak, salads, fish and local cuisine are on our agenda. WE do have access to cars so that is not a worry.

ALSO -- can anyone suggest a good place for Chilean wine tasting. I doubt our office would allow us to go further afield to do a winery tour, but maybe there is a wine shop here in Santiago that does good tastings?



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  1. La Mar cebecheria is great and casual. It is on Avenue Nueva Costanera in Vitacura where there are lots of other interesting restaurants to try for dinner and lunch.
    Don't know the name of a wine shop. We had a great driver from Santiago Adventures who took us to several wineries outside of Santiago. He would know and probably could take you to local spots

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      I ate at Tio Lucho twice (in December and October) and wasn't really thrilled. It was ok. I've eaten at the Mercado Central probably 10+ times, never in the Donde Agusto realm, and my best meals have been near the back corner on the left in one of two places.

      Jeans and poleras are good for 97+% of restaurants in the country. Sorry, can't help you with the wine (in the city) but you might call El Mundo Del Vino ( - the large one on Isidora Goyenechea to see if they offer any tastings or can recommend any. In any event, it is a nice store. (There are some smaller branches.)