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Last supper in the Bay Area … really – Chicken at Cafe Citti and tuna popsicles at Michoacana

Tuesday - due to leave

- I thought my last bite in the Bay Area was the excellent Rotten City meatball sub

- My car died in front of La Bedaine ... could be worse places to break down. The car took it's 'non-operating' status seriously

- Truck all packed - turn on key - - uh, oh ... Something major cracked fixed Wednesday at 1

- Road food from La Bedaine became last minute eats as we rushed madly around Wednesday. New pate de compagne (very good) . Chocolate chip cookies excellent. Nice chocolate croissant

- Truck fixed ... better breaking down here than in Mexico

- Still madly rushing around ... eh ... stop and have a real last meal

- Glorious sunny ride to Sonoma ... the fields are green, trees in blossom. I glance back just after crossing the GG Bridge and see a picture perfect view of SF

- Cafe Citti - chicken very good, Pasta very good, house-baked bread with olive oil/vinegar very good. Potato salad ... skip
- Michoana tuna (cactus fruit) paleta - brlliant purple, has seeds, very good. Have a mango paletta for good measure

I close the computer now. Buh Bye ... adios

Cafe Citti
9047 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, CA 95452

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  1. Happy Trails to You... until we meet again
    vaya con dios
    rwo, you are good to the last drop, thank YOU... on the Road again

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      I've started a list so that you can track rwo's progress on the map from her road snacks from here at Cafe Citti until she reaches Guatemala.

      "rworange" road chow from Sonoma Wine Country to Guatemala

      Cafe Citti
      9047 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, CA 95452

    2. Safe travels to you and your husband...can't wait till you return to the Bay Area!

      1. Hint for rw, Sonoma north Guatemala south. Made a u turn as soon as legally possible.

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          No, really, they're going to Quetzaltenango, British Columbia :D

          Safe travels to you and your husband, rw!

          1. re: josquared

            That made me laugh out loud! Now planning trip to Quetzaltenango, BC (sister city of the one in Guatemala, natch). Just to let you know how much this non-resident reader of the SF Bay Area board will miss your delightful, insightful posts, rworange... come back soon and enjoy your adventures in the south.

        2. I like that your last taste of Sonoma is La Michoacana's paleta. You can tell us how it compares to the ones you will enjoy in Mexico. ¡Buen viaje!

          Michoacana Ice Cream
          18495 Hwy 12, Sonoma, CA 95476

          1. Que te vaya bien, and they do have computers in Mexico and beyond, so don't be a stranger! You will be missed.....

            1. Kind words all and appreciated ... but it turns out I've been resurrected for a little over a week.


              The third time isn't the charm ... need help with a muy important meal

              Dang ... so this is what Chowhound is like on a computer that somehow has the magic speedy connection

              Anyway, mods, thanks for leaving the kind words up until I read them. Feel free to delete stuff not reclated to the restaurant to keep this thread on topic of Cafe Citti

              1. I finally have a little time for details.

                Order at the counter from the large menu board that spans the front of the restaurant. A whiteboard in the center has the daily specials. Under the specials is a deli case with salads.

                After the order is placed, the servers take over, bringing food to the table, replenishing bread and beverages, taking requests for additional items and bringing the check.

                The system makes sense in terms of turning over tables since there is no time waiting for a menu or waiting for a server to come back and take an order.

                The meal starts with a basket of very good ciabatta with a bowl of oil and vinegar for dipping.

                The rotisserie chicken is one of their signature dishes. A small half chicken is roasted a golden brown with the skin being crisp enough but not crackly. Garlic beautifully permeates the meat. It is not overpowering but just enough to up the deliciousness of the juicy meat

                There is a choice of cold deli salads or noodles with sauce. Pick one of four noodles – linguini, fusilli, rigatoni or penne. Then choose one of eight sauces – Bolognese, marinara, white clam, red clam, pesto, arrabbiata, puttanesca or A.O.P. (olive oil, garlic and pancetta with red pepper flakes).

                My friend had linguini with Bolognese. The bite I tried was very tasty with lovely, thin flat noodles. It is quite a large portion.

                The potato salad though … ugh. It had potential. It was nicely dressed … not too little or too much mayo. The potatoes were nice and cut in large chunks. There was a hard boiled egg and olive mixed in. However, it had picked up the taste of the fridge. Even without that it seemed like it would be bland.

                There are five beers on tap.

                It is a cute restaurant that is casual but nice. There are white tablecloths and the atmosphere is that of a mid-scale restaurant rather than a counter service type of place.

                The servers were nice enough but sometimes it was difficult to catch their eye.

                Other interesting items on the menu
                - Leek frittata sandwich
                - Homemade mozzarella
                - Raviolini in brodo soup
                - Crispy fried polenta with choice o marinara or pesto sauce
                - Homemade focaccia bread

                We had plans elsewhere for dessert Has anyone tried the cannoli?

                Cafe Citti will be featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I think the air date will be in May

                I like it well enough i'm considering getting sandwiches from there for the road for my second attempt to drive to Guatemala next week. Also a nice whole chicken and some salads would be nice for the cooler. We are spending most of day 1 on I-5, not a culinary wonderland ... and I want to spend as much time on the road as possible and not do much stopping on day one. Eats from Cafe Citti seem to fit the bill

                It is also nice to have a chance to have one last popsicle from La Michoacana

                Cafe Citti
                9047 Sonoma Hwy, Kenwood, CA 95452

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                  My previous last supper, impressed me so much, I specifically drove to Kenwood to stock up for road food to survive the culinary wasteland that is I-5.

                  But stop the car !!! The beyond amazing canoli is the best I've ever had ... ever ... so good that Italy should go into mourning and weep in shame that they cannot produce such a miracle canoli.

                  I had this and the terrific frittata sandwich for lunch.

                  The canoli is filled to order, the shell perfect crunchiness. The filling ... that fabulous filling. My first bite made me think I would be disappointed because it seemed to be filled with whipped cream ... but no ... it was sweet cheese whipped to a texture of rich whipped cream. There were also little bits of ricotta in it. There was lots of fruit marinated in rum or something and lots of pistascho's. It didn't hurt to be drizzled with chocolate. This is not only on my top ten of 2010, it is at the top of my list. It will be one of the first things I seek out when I return.

                  The sandwich on their great housemade foccacia has a wonderful layer of leek frittata topped with lettuce and tomato. Highly revommended. The other half was good cold for dinner.

                  The cooler is stocked with
                  - Italian roast beef and cheddar sandwich on foccacia
                  - Salami and house-made mozzarella sandwich
                  - Pasta, feta and tomato salad
                  - Pesto pasta salad
                  - Tortellini salad
                  - Whole roast chicken

                  The tastes I had of all the pasta salads, but for me the tortellini is the clear winner, great pasta and whole pickled white onions.

                  Added to this will be pickles from Fremont Diner, a peanut butter pig cookie from Fremont Diner, Cheese from Cheeseboard, fruit from Berkeley Bowl and assorted Japanese sweets from Sun Shine Bakery of Vallejo.

                  I am taking a bit of the Bay Area with me