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Mar 10, 2010 10:43 PM

Chester's Cajun Grill in Buffalo.

I am just wondering if anyone has tried this place? I looked at the menu and the food sounds awesome. I am considering trying it since I am visiting Buffalo next week. I would appreciate any responses.

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  1. I've been to Chester's once, a year ago, so it's not good to judge on only that one experience. But, I remember it well, and have a favorable impression. I would go back and try it again.

    I ordered the muffoletta sandwich, wife ordered the blackened catfish po-boy, someone with our party ordered fried oyster po-boy and we had a chance to try that too. All favorable, perhaps not mind-blowing-ly great. I remember being disappointed that they didn't have sweet potato fries that evening.

    Chester's is a very casual place with an attached bar serving mostly cheap beer. Busy with locals having fun at the bar and quite loud. 'Dis ain't no classy joint. In a strip plaza on Transit Rd in East Amherst in the burbs. Most entrees around $15
    Contrast to Shango, the other cajun place I recommended in the other thread, which is more upscale, inventive menu, with fine wines, and craft beer, and attentive wait staff.

    I like cajun and had forgotten about Chester's. Thanks for reminding me. Time to try it again.

    3260 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214

    Chester's Cajun Grill
    9416 Transit Rd, Buffalo, NY 14051

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      Was the fried oyster po-boy any good? I will likely order that when I am there.

    2. Just wondering if you ever got the chance to stop in to Chester's on your visit to Buffalo. If you did, I hope everything was to your satisfaction. Let me know how everything was. If you didn't get a chance to stop in, hopefully we will see you at a later date ;)

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        I was disappointed that I didn't get to visit your restaurant. Your menu looks amazing and your restaurant has a good reputation. I will make it a point to try it the next time I am visiting Buffalo,