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Mar 10, 2010 10:35 PM

looking for retail sales of Kaliber (or other decent non-alcoholic beer) Culver City/Westside


I was introduced to Kaliber (Guiness NA beer) at a UK pub in Burbank. Does anyone know where I could find it for sale on the Westside, preferably between Santa Monica and Culver City?

(Also open to suggestions of other non-Odouls non-alcoholic beers which are actually drinkable)


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  1. Whole Foods. They have it presently for Saint Patrick's day.

    1. Drinkable is a really subjective term. Buckler is a Holland import (Heineken) that isn't too bad.

      1. thanks for the Whole Foods (...err, paycheck) recommendation ... any leads on where to find it year round?

        1. i'd give beverage warehouse on mc connell a call.
          irrc, they had a decent selection of non-alcoholic beers.