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Thoughts on my choices for 1 night / 1 day in Austin

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Hey all,

I'll be in Austin for a sunday night stay over and leaving Monday evening. Wanted some thoughts on some of the places I was thinking about hitting up. Any other suggestions? I am from Socal so I will probably skip tex mex or mexican and sushi. I won't have a car so would prefer places within walking/short taxi distance from the downtown area.

Dinner Sunday night - Was thinking about Wink, I read on another thread about Parkside. Thoughts? Other suggestions?

Coffee - any suggestions for a good local/independent coffee house? I am staying up near UT at the AT&T hotel. Would love an awesome cappuccino.

Monday Lunch - Was looking for some Barbecue, because, well, obviously. Iron Works? Saw somewhere else a place called Franklins? Got great reviews on Yelp. Other suggestions? Was also thinking about going to Frank, instead of Barbecue as I have heard good things. I know driving out to Lockhart is clearly the best move for barbecue but that's not an option.

Thanks all!

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  1. Franklin's is reviewed in another thread, FYI. Get there at 10:45 or earlier and wait in line for the 11 AM opening.

    Although after writing the above, I realize that Frankin's is not open Monday or Tuesday. Maybe he'll have special hours through SXSW?

    1. The best coffee near campus is Cafe Medici (http://caffemedici.com/index.html


      personally I think there is no comparison between Wink and Parkside, I think Wink is hand's down much better. Why not consider Asti or Fino (www.finoaustin.com)?

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        I will investigate Asti and Fino. As I said, I am undecided and those were a few preliminary choices and am open to suggestions.

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          I'll take the dissenting opinion, councillor.

          Wink is erratic and expensive, although it has a charming wine bar next door. Parkside is delicious, eclectic, and reliable; it also has a full bar.

          Both are pretty groovy. If you can, hit both.

          1. re: tom in austin

            good to know.

            1. re: tom in austin

              I am in 100% agreement with Tom.

          2. For lunch Monday, I'd second Franklins IF it's open. If not, Frank is close and it's quite good. go for the gourmet dogs.

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              I think Frank is a really good recommendation, assuming you like hot dogs. It is unique and very tasty, although a bit hard on the arteries. : )

            2. I know you don't want sushi but I would try out Uchi and just get the cooked dishes, specifically those made with pork.

              I would also throw out Vespaio or Restaurant Jezebel as very austin formal dining options.

              1. One note-- although I love Wink, it's not open on Sundays.