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Mar 10, 2010 06:22 PM

Wedding Venue help needed... PLS

My fiance and I are trying to plan our wedding, (hopefull for this year). We're looking for a place to accomodate a min. of 300 people (our big fat Portuguese wedding) in the GTA. Food is very important to us, (we're looking for a Portuguese menu) and equally important is the venue. I want something beautiful. Any suggestions???
Also, has anyone been to Roma's Place Banquet Hall in Mississauga? If so, how was the food. Thanks

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  1. Try the Liberty Grand, you won't be disappointed. I had 230 people for my Italian/Chinese wedding, including a lot of foodie friends, and nothing but rave reviews from all. Food is great, and plentiful!

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      I suspect the Liberty Grand will be fully booked for this year by now.

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        Was there the other day....they said they were fully booked and way into 2011 already. But there could be sundays or fridays left??

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          Whoops, didn't think of that, sorry! I booked 6 months ahead for my March wedding, but since it was off-season there was plenty of availability. We also looked at Palais Royale, which is absolutely stunning, but I've never eaten there, so I can't speak for the food quality. They may also be booked though, I think it's quite popular.

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        Hey there! I'm actually trying to plan an Italian/Chinese wedding as well! I would love to hear more about your wedding. If your comfortable with it, would you mind sending me an email?

      3. Casa Mendoza on Lakeshore would be perfect, but I suspect they might not be able to handle 300 people. Absolutely worth a call though - the view from their giant patio is staggering.

        1. I went to a wedding at Roma's Place last year but I don't remember what I ate. :) So it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.

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            thanks everyone for your feed back/suggestions... Keep them coming.

          2. I remember the food at Roma's being decent. I DJ roughly 50 weddings/year and eat at a lot of banquet halls & venues. For 300 people you will probably have to check out some of the bigger spaces in Woodbridge.

            The Manor - good late night seafood buffet, it's on a lake, really nice for pictures

            Royal Ambassador - a bit out of town (Caledon), but amazing food, also has a lake, waterfall & good landscaping for pictures on-site

            The Venetian - Best roast lamb I have ever had! I think they have a Portuguese menu

            Le Jardin - Also pretty good and they seem very organized

            The Liberty Grand - Never disappoints in their service and food.

            Email me if you have questions - Lisa (at)