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Mar 10, 2010 06:14 PM

Kaffe 1668 - Tribeca

You rarely see this place on the list of New York's best coffee shops (I did see that it was recently mentioned in NYT), but it's the best cup of drip coffee in the city, IMO. I just wanted to give them some praise, because I've been getting my morning cup there for some time and haven't really seen them get love on this site. maybe it's the location (or the price).

To give you some more objective info: they brew Ecco & Intelligentsia on two Clover machines. Typically, your choices for drip are some combo of Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Burundi, Rwanda; something along those lines, at least. The prices are kind of steep, ranging somewhere around $3.00-4.50 per cup. I haven't had any tea, cocoa, or espresso drinks, or any baked goods, but if I do try them, I'll report back.


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  1. Haha, don't blow the secret!!!! I have to concur on this. I work nearby, and go everyday at lunch for coffee. The coffee is so excellent, no cream or sugar is needed., which is a first for me. The varieties have distinct flavor profiles, but what I really like about it is that t's coffee with body, not watery at all. It's a little pricey, but I make up for it by brown-bagging my lunch. This effectively means I am passing up Baoguette, Whole Foods, and other goodies...for coffee, which should say a lot. The cute stuffed sheep theme doesn't hurt., either.

    I have had the tea (mango), and actually did not like it very much - I found it somewhat weak, but it might just have been the flavor I chose. When I went with my sister, she ordered the cocoa, which I tasted - it is not "City Bakery" style cocoa i.e. liquid chocolate, but it will suit people who like less sweet, high-quality cocoa with milk.

    The food looks good, but the only thing I've tried is the muffin - nice, delicate crumb, moist.

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      I recently tried the chocolate chip cookie (excellent) and the jam biscuit (pretty good--I wish it was a bit crunchier). The iced coffee is tops in the city, and the cortado is up there. I like this place more and more..

    2. Updating this older thread- i have been a huge fan of kaffe 1668 for a few years now yet always would order an espresso/cortado/iced coffee. (My avatar is their cortado)
      I'm working in the area and today ordered the regular drip coffee since I was in a hurry and the place is super busy at lunch- it was really impressive!
      Very smooth, no bitter or burnt flavors, the right strength (not watery), i was thrilled- and at $3.37 for the 12oz it may be the best bang for your buck in tribeca!

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        for coffee snobs who may not have been in, their "regular" drip coffee is your choice of their single origins brewed in their alpha dominiche steampunk 4.0 (they had clovers for a while but switched in the last year or so - and i agree with their assessment that the AD produces a better cup).

        also agree that the prices are high but for the quality (and neighborhood) its what i expect. for price comparison i stopped in at a DC location of La Colombe (in the logan circle area) where an alpha dominiche brewed cup of single origin was a mere 3 bucks. that said im sure that LC pays much less rent on a back alley of an upcoming neighborhood in the district than Kaffe 1668 does on Greenwich.