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Mar 10, 2010 06:09 PM

Places you would consider a must in Seattle

We are spending 3 days in Seattle in April. Would be appreciative of suggestions for places we should not miss. Probably can't afford any place very expensive, but willing to splurge once or twice. Thanks in advance...

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  1. 1. Harvest Vine 2. Seven Stars Szechuan (For the Szechuan crab) 3. Palace Kitchen
    4. Salumi (lunch only, weekdays only.) 5. Matt's at the Market 6. Serious Pie 7. Maximillien's at the Market (for their mussels; upstairs bar, not lower dining room) 8. Hing Loon (for salt & pepper ribs & shrimp wonton soup) 9. Emmer & Rye for brunch Saturday or Sunday (order the biscuits and gravy--amazing.) 10. LOLA for Tom's big breakfast. Have a great time!

    1. This type of “I’m-visiting-Seattle-where-should-I eat” request requires repeating the same thing over and over again by the regular posters on this board, since this type of request recurs frequently. Spend some time reading the Greater Seattle Board and you will find numerous previous responses to this kind of request. Here are links to a few of them.;; There are many, many more. After you do your homework, then, if you have specific questions, fire away. You will find that some places get mentioned a lot – like Crush, Spring Hill, Poppy, Elliott’s (for oysters), Tamarind Tree, Corson Building, Salumi, and others. There are places that don’t get as much attention that are also very good (depending on what kind of food and what price range you a looking for) – like Olivar, Joule, and Nell’s.

      I don’t know where you’re coming from, but consider going to places that are unique to Seattle or places that serve food that isn’t available in your home town. For example, if you live in New York City you have tons of places serving glorious Italian food. So, even though I happen to think that the Italian food at Café Juanita is terrific, it isn’t better than the best Italian restaurants in New York, so why bother. On the other hand, if you are an oyster lover, the Pacific Northwest oysters are some of the best in the world. So grab a seat at the oyster bar at Elliott’s and you’ll have a greater selection of fresher Pacific Northwest oysters than you can get in New York. And don’t just focus on the food in isolation to experiencing the “Pacific Northwest lifestyle.” If it’s a sunny day, walk down to the waterfront, sit outside and eat fish and chips at Ivar’s, and throw a French fry or two to the seagulls. Is there better fish and chips in Seattle? Yeah, but that’s not the point. Graze your way through the Pike Place Market. If the weather’s nice, go to Jack’s in the market, have them pluck a Dungeness crab from the live-tank and cook it before your eyes, and then take it to the park at the north end of the market, sit on the grass, and eat it. Take a ferry to Bainbridge Island and get some ice cream from Mora Iced Creamery, a short walk from the Bainbridge ferry terminal. Have coffee and a croissant at Café Besalu in Ballard, and then visit the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks that link Lake Washington to Puget Sound. Enjoy Seattle!

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      1. re: Tom Armitage

        Well put, Tom! I love grazing at the Market. And if someone is coming to Bainbridge Island, they might make a stop at Bainbridge Bakers, or swing by the new Shima Express for some sushi or other Japanese "fast food" to enjoy on the ferry back to Seattle.

        1. re: Jeffo405

          Do you like Bainbridge Bakers better than Blackbird Bakery? I haven’t tried the baked goods at Bainbridge Bakery, but think Blackbird is very good. Despite the sometimes surly service, all is forgiven when I bite into a green onion scone, a moist, fudgy brownie, etc.

          1. re: Tom Armitage

            I'm starting to like Bainbridge Bakers' baked goods better. Part of it, I must admit, is that I feel more "welcomed" at Bainbridge Bakers!

      2. appreciate the replies and will explore the other links.