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Mar 10, 2010 05:21 PM

Bar that serves Three Philosophers? Long Beach and surrounds

I'm currently obsessed with this Belgiian wonder, Three Philosophers. Does anyone know a bar in Long Beach and the surrounding area that serves it?

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  1. That is a great beer, as is most everything that comes out of Ommegang. I would give Naja's in Redondo Beach a ring. They have about 80 taps of quality beer and would be likely to have Three Philosophers on tap if anyone does.

    1. I've seen it at Hollingshead's in Orange, but call before you go to make sure.

      1. When I saw the subject title of your post all I could think of is the start of a joke. Three Philosophers walk into a bar... Alas I don't know of a place that serves this beer. I loved to know where a place is so I can tell my friend who is a philosophy teacher and a Belgium beeer fanantic

        1. I got a reply frommy philosophy teahcer Belgium beer loving friend and he wasn't familiar with Three Pholosphers beer or anyplace in Long Beach. But he did know of a bar in Costa Mesa that just may have it It's called Harry and Henry's Goat Hill Tavern . I got to love it for the name alone. :-) It has over 100 on tap.

          I hope taht helps your quest jellobelt

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            You looking for it in bottle or on tap?
            It was on tap at the Surly Goat (West LA) but it's gone already.
            They may have it in bottle but you can find it at lots of bottle shops closer to you.

            Surly Goat current tap list and one of the best rotating tap list in LA.

            There is always something special on tap here.
            Like the Kern River class 5 stout which you won't find any where else in LA.