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Mar 10, 2010 03:56 PM

Looking for good eats this Saturday

Heading into Montreal for a day this Saturday, and staying at Le Petit Hôtel in Old Montreal. My husband and I are in our early 30's and looking for a good brunch restaurant and a good steak frite or french restaurant for dinner. Something for dessert is great too. Last time we passed by some loungy place in Old Montreal that had pretty good music. We went back the next day for afternoon coffee and cakes. Was quite different during the day. Any suggestions for Brunch and Dinner? I've been reading about Sparrow for brunch and Le Meac... We have a car, so don't mind driving, but within the Montreal area preferably.

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  1. Sparrow is very good for lunch (very montreal).

    Lemeac (in one word) is a good brasserie, especially for the late hours special ($22 after 22h)

    I would give "Laloux" a nod for dessert (and the rest of the meal), also, maybe "Newtown" for dessert (with the best dessert chef in town).

    I love "3 petits bouchons" for their wine list and fun, good food.

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      re wine : pullman on parc is great, I was just there the other night (bison tartare is overseasoned though) ; dont know how it compares to 3 bouchon because Ive never been

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        Thanks! I also heard about Au pied de Cochon for dinner. How does that compare to Lemeac? And then what about Bistro Justine? Is that brunch-ish or more for lunch?

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          Au Pied de Cochon is not a traditional French Restaurant. It is more like classic French Bistro meets upscale, gluttonous fantasy of French Canadian White Trash cooking. Saturday, it will be packed to the rafters, noisy, and almost impossible to get into without a reservation unless you want to eat at, oh say, 11:30 PM.

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            Justine is a bistro with a nice small menu and nice small wine list, portions tend to be on the small side; I don't think it's open for brunch; and it's quite inexpensive and a good QPR.

            Lemeac is a brasserie style restaurants; lots of classic-ish dishes, more french oriented food; more "bourgeois" earlier in the evening and more "young and hip" later on for the post 22h specials. (but it's _not_ a lounge or supper club)
            APdC is a porc/foie gras/duck/big portions/great wine list but expensive.

            for brunch, my heart balances between Sparrow and Réservoir (and sometimes Laika or Lemeac )

        2. Thanks everyone! We ended up going to Sparrow for brunch. The food was worth the wait time of about 20minutes. I would say their brunch is on par to a lot of brunch places we have back home in Toronto.

          We didn't get to to any of the suggested places for dinner as most of them were booked up on Saturday night. We just went to L'Orignal, close to our hotel in Old Montreal. My husbands red snapper was quite good. I ordered steak frites, but would've preferred the frites to be the skinny kind.