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Looking for a microplane zester/grater in the west GTA

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Hey all, looking to pick up a microplane zester/grater for things like parmesean cheese and mostly lime and lemon zesting.

Like this:


If anyone has any tips on where to get one, like at a major chain of stores that might be in Mississauga or Brampton that would be great

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Lee Valley Tools introduced the microplane to cooks several years ago.
    This store is close by. http://www.leevalley.com/home/page.as...


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      Oh excellent, thanks. I can make the trip there


    2. They should also have them at Golda's Kitchen (www.goldaskitchen.com), 2885 Argentia Rd.

      1. http://cayneshousewares.com/product.p...

        1. If you're looking for that exact microplane model (I have the red-handled one), you can find it at Williams Sonoma (Sherway Gardens). Of course, like everything else at that store, it's probably overpriced. I don't recall where I got mine...

          1. Kitchen Stuff Plus. Loblaws also carries a house-brand one.