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Mar 10, 2010 02:36 PM

Help! Need place for my mom's birthday party in Rockville, MD

For April 10th, 2010. There will be about 35 people. We WERE checking out Phillips but they charge $150 for their 'private dinning' room (we don't need private) PLUS their over-priced entrees don't include anything else.. We're a picky bunch- mom and I want healthy-fare- good seafood, skip the stupid white rolls and desserts (we'll have a cake). I checked PGA Tour Grill on the pike but it's closed- that would have been fine. We would go for Asian, Italian or fresh/updated American with seafood/vegetarian choices as well. If I see another potato skin on a menu..... or spinach artichoke dip or calamari... doesn't ANYONE have any imagination?? Thanks, I feel better now. BTW we already checked out Tony Lin- they are booked. Really hoping to find something close to 355/Montrose Rd as that's close to where we're staying...

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  1. Maybe Timpanos? I mention because it's really close to that intersection, Italian and has a nice enough atmosphere - not because I think the food is great.

    If you don't mind going into Bethesday there's always Rock Creek, which puts a lot of emphasis on healthy, but the one time I ate there everything was amazingly salty.

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        I thought about that too, but I'm not sure the food is particularly healthy.

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          You're referring to Clydes? They won't let that many people have a party there... we're ok with grill-fare, seafood, chicken (tho I wish it were free-range/organic!!) I heard Timpanos was overpriced and crappy. What's Rock creek like?? and thanks!!!

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            Rock Creek is upscale American and their schtick is that it's all healthy food. You can look up their menu on their website. It's in Bethesda, maybe a 20 minute drive from Montrose.

      2. That's Amore on Shady Grove Rd can handle big groups.

        1. Mykonos on Congressional Lane in Rockville can handle up to fifty people in their private dining room. It's a pretty restaurant and the food is a little different, but has that mediterranean healthy flair.

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            2nd mykanos. they have great fish and appetizers

          2. Ambrosia. Amazing Greek food. Next door to Tony Lin.

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              No way Ambrosia can handle a 35-person party.