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Mar 10, 2010 02:19 PM

New Caribbean Sports bar near St Lawrence market

Has anyone tried the new Caribbean sports bar on lower jarvis by the St. Lawrence market?

Sorry I can't remember the name right now but it is in the spot that I believe used to be a golden griddle just south of the market with the red awnings on the east side (not the corner lounge on 'upper' Jarvis at front). Or if you know the name please let me know so I can search for reviews.


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  1. It is the Ritz Caribbean sports bar - I assume associated with the chain?

    1. I am also interested in hearing if anyone's visited this location, and what the experience (and food!) is like. I came across this article a while back which definitively links it to a mini-chain of other restaurants in the city, including the now-defunct location at Roy Square near Yonge & Bloor.

      The new location being discussed in this thread is the 77 Lower Jarvis one, roughly on the southeast corner of Jarvis and the Esplanade, kitty corner from the SLM.

      1. Went to this restaurant today on the way home from the market. I have gotten take out from the Shuter St location quite a few times and haven't been disappointed. The food at this location (Lower Jarvis) was great! I had the boneless chicken roti and really enjoyed it. Spicy enough to get the nose running, but not spicy enough to have me downing glasses of water. Just the way I like it. My only complaint was that there was a lot of potato in the roti. I guess they are trying to save on the chicken. Next time I think i'll ask for less potato (or none) in my roti. The Shuter St location has obliged us before in that regard. My husband had the jerk chicken and he enjoyed that as well. 2 pieces of chicken came with rice and peas and coleslaw. I think you can choose boiled dumplings instead of the rice. He said he would have liked the chicken to be a little spicier, but he was happy with it and would order it again. Also on the menu was stew beef (which the Shuter St location does really well), stew chicken, ackee and saltfish, fried or BBQ chicken, fried fish, oxtail, curry chicken, curry goat, and variety of roti's. They also have all your typical sides (dumplings, festival, plaintain, callaloo). Pretty much all the standard West Indian favorites. We ate in, but they do take out as well. The service was pleasant also. We will certainly be back! It's within walking distance from home which is a bonus for us. Apparently they deliver as well...

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          Wow! Thanks for this detailed review, we will definitely try it now. Sounds great, and there's nothing else like in the area.

        2. We finally made it by this weekend and the results were positive. It's definitely a casual local hangout and the prices are fantastic for the area. The jerk chicken lunch special is a stellar deal at $4.99 for two big chunks of bone-in chicken, peas and rice, salad and a drink (though I eschewed the last part in favour of a beer, which is obviously not included in the combo deal). The chicken roti was also excellent. Neither was mind-blowingly hot, but they had pleasant, flavourful spicing, and there are some hot sauces available on the side for those who like to make their noses run more.

          I won't judge the service yet since our waitress was new and still in training, and she was friendly and tried hard. Will be returning, and really hoping this place does well... it was a bit quiet on a Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking traffic will pick up after the Market Wharf condo opens across the street and the North Market moves south of the Esplanade for a few years during the rebuild of the normal location.

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            Thanks for the review. I walked by there yesterday and I noticed they had signs of their "grand opening" weekend. I had already eaten dinner so didn't stop in but I was curious about it. Odd combination - Caribbean and sports bar. I noticed that have a BIG projection screen and a bunch of plasmas/lcds... would be good for world cup action this summer...