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Mar 10, 2010 01:58 PM

Weekday Specials

Looking for good specials for the weekdays. Thanks

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  1. For what? Lunch or dinner? Where? Any more details??

    Otherwise CF Folks has great daily specials each day for lunch. The theme of the menu changes daily as well. Ex: Thursdays are American cuisine with great meatloaf. Friday are usually middle eastern/med with a delicious lamb dish.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Umm I am fixin to get a burger soon form Koopers Chowhound Burger Wagon soon. Like $6 or so dollars for a nice hot fresh juicy cheeseburger. 11AM-3PM. In Mount Vernon today. corner of N Calvert and E Monument! ;)

      Oh yea and and it is also Boneless Wing day at Bdubs. I am eating them too.

    2. DC or Baltimore????

      In Arlington Cassats has a great leg or lamb special on Thursday nights, I believe.
      Overwood in Old Town Alexandria has good specials on weekdays.
      Rocklands has a Monday special on beer and bbq sandwiches that I think is still going on.

      Not to mention all the happy hour places, if you can eat at that time.

      1. Red Hot and Blue has $5 for any burger on Monday nights. Sign of the Whale used to have half price burgers on Monday nights, maybe they still do.