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Mar 10, 2010 01:34 PM

New Indian Resto in NE Calgary - Singh & I?

Anyone heard of, or been to this place? Heard about it from my wifes cousin, she tried it a few weeks ago when visiting Calgary and really liked it.

Can't really find any info online other then the address:

Singh & I
5075 NE Falconridge Boulevard, #900
Calgary, AB T3J3K9

Tel: (403) 590-9092

We may check it out tonight.

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  1. Great name!!! I'm married to a Singh so maybe we'd get a discount?

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Worth a try John!

      We did end up trying it last night with a few friends, and I must say I was pretty impressed.

      The restaurant is located in a new building that also houses a banquet facility called the Isle of Mann (where do they come up with these names!). Its located within the strip of Indian stores behind the Falconridge Safeway. It is a nice, fairly modern looking, and nicely decorated dining room.

      The menu featured all of the standards, but also had quite a few Chinese style dishes as well, such as, Chili Chicken/Paneer/Fish/Prawns, and Manchurian Vegetables/Chicken. There was even a fried rice and a Chicken Chow Mein offered.

      Prices seemed pretty reasonable with most dishes ranging between $9-$15. Thinking that serving sizes were on par with other Indian restaurants we've been to, we ordered quite a bit. Let me tell you, the serving sizes are huge, so we ended up with a ton of leftovers!

      We had the Tandoori Chicken and Chili Paneer to start. Both were very tasty, I don't think I have ever had an order of tandoori chicken that was so moist and juicy, very nice. I think there must have been a whole chicken in this order. The chili paneer was also quite tasty. The chef is not shy about adding some heat, and it had a pretty good kick to it.

      For mains we shared the butter chicken, chili chicken, shahi paneer, dal makni, and a dish that none of us had ever seen before, a shredded lamb and broccoli with a garlic chili oil.

      The lamb dish was interesting, almost a ginger beef texture, with the pieces of lamb being crispy. The sauce was quite spicy (not sweet like ginger beef).

      My favourite dish was probably the shahi paneer, which is surprising as I'm usually all about the meat. Most versions of this dish that I have had have been fairly bland (just pieces of paneer in a basic cream sauce). This sauce had a nice unique and slightly sweet flavour. I also really liked the chili chicken, nice moist pieces of chicken with bell peppers and onions. This one, like the chili paneer, packed quite a punch. The butter chicken and dal were pretty standard, I will say that the butter chicken did come with a lot of meat, which looked to be all white meat, pretty good value compared to other butter chicken I've had elsewhere.

      We skipped desert, partly because we were so full, and partly because they only had mango ice cream available. We were told that they were not serving the kheer they had as the chef had made it too sweet that day. The manager / waiter did offer to run out to one of the other nearby stores to pick up something else if we we really wanted dessert, we told him not to worry about it.

      All in all a good night out. The quality of the ingredients used were excellent, and again, is pretty good value considering the size of the servings. The only negativee comment I would have would be the long wait for our appies and main dishes to come out. The manager/owner was our our main server and he did apologize more then a few times for the wait. Its understandable given that they have only been open a few weeks. I would imagine that this will be worked out in due course.

      1. re: djdragan

        Do you know if they are open for lunch? Sounds great so I want to head over for lunch one day.

        1. re: Merry113

          I think I did see lunch time hours posted on the door. I think it also said they were closed on Mondays.

          We didn't see a buffet table in the dining room, so not sure if they offer a lunch buffet. Hope you enjoy!

    2. adding link:

      La Jawab Indian & Hakka Chinese Cuisine
      5075 Falconridge Blvd NE #900, Calgary, AB T3J 3K9, CA

      1. Definitely worth a try. We had dinner here last night and left very happy. The food is flavourful without being greasy. I have had Indian at most restaurants where it is greasy and instead of flavour it is either bitter because of too many spices or just bland

        We had 3 dishes and the serving sizes were generous. The owners were very hospitable and the setting is impressive. Will definitely be back!!