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Mar 10, 2010 01:25 PM

San Juan, Puerto Rico Restaurants Needed!

My husband and I are going to Puerto Rico for the first time and staying at the El Convento in Old San Juan. We need some great restaurant suggestions in the area and maybe 1 or 2 that are only a short drive away if we shouldn't miss it. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. el Convento is gorgeous, I stayed there once in 2002.

    the Washington Post just ran a story this last Sunday


    some of their recs in OSJ are a bit obvious, but still good esp. La Bombonera. OSJ is so small and walkable, you can easily just browse menus as you stroll. I haven't been since '06 so have no current ideas.

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      I too recommend La Bombanera on San Fransisco for a toasted mallorca and coffee...I stayed El Convento and liked it well. Very pretty area to walk around. Tons of stray cat down the hill along the waterfront. I hope someone is still caring for them and spaying them? Down the street are designer shops galore. Oh oh, have a Mojito at El Convento. I defer to others for dining as I have not been in a few years but Carli's Cafe is a spot to check out if he has music. Cafe Manolin is my fav local eats spot. I loved Dragonfly. Al Dente is nice. Maybe Pikayo (need a taxi)

      I recommend you park the car and leave it there..we did..walk around.

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        out in Condado (?) I did like Ajillo Mojillo, but I was sort of beach-heat blasted after a week on Culebra and didn't have much appetite that night.

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