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Mar 10, 2010 12:56 PM

Quantico : Command Post Pub

Whenever I'm on Quantico I notice the Command Post Pub which appears to be a cut above the other town restaurants. I've never been in Quantico at a meal time so I haven't tried it. Comments from anyone who has?

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  1. there is, and never will be anything on base that will ever be worth consuming in a restaurant type setting (other than the Starbucks at the PX)

    I can, however, recommend some food in the area if you need recommendations.

    From, the significant other of a Marine....

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    1. re: Jeserf

      Jeserf, I am doing some research for family that will be in town for a few days next week and would love to hear your recommendations.

      1. re: Windsor

        On Stagecoach Rd up Rt 1 from the main gate is a Panera....

        Further up Rt 1 in Lorton is My Karma which is very good if not a little odd indian/chinese and there are other restaurants in that shopping center

        We also went to the silver diner in Woodbridge once in a while because my boyfriend could eat a metric ton of food there

        That's about it! Everything else in the area was terrible. I hate going there. No offense. Oh, and some Marines like the food at the Museum...I've never had it but I love the Museum

      2. re: Jeserf

        Have you been to Tim's Rivershore? Someone was telling me about it the other day and it sounded good.