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Mar 10, 2010 12:38 PM

Best Special Occasion Restaurant with vegetarian? [Triangle/Raleigh, NC, area]

My husband and I gave up meat for lent, and on top of that my birthday this year is falling in lent. We need a good special occasion restaurant with good veggie friendly food! We've done irregardless, watts and other more casual places. Any ideas? We love all types of food.

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        1. An Cuisine in Cary is very nice for a special occasion. Between the entrees which can be modified for a vegetarian and the smaller dishes from the Viet bar menu there are a number of options. If you can eat seafood that opens up many more choices.

          The food, service and atmosphere is great!

          **note: this link has music playing!

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            you could go to any favorite place and call and ask them to prepare a special vegetarian meal for an occassion. Many chefs love the challenge.

            1. re: Rory

              that is an interesting idea, I wonder if Piedmont would be interested. Any ideas on where to ask?

            2. re: meatn3

              we actually are eating fish, so that would open alot more. We have heard about An a couple of times, and had forgotten about them, thanks for the suggestion.

              1. re: littlepotsticker

                Sure, call Piedmont,speak to the Maitre D' ask them to ask if the chef would be interested in cooking a special vegetarian meal for you. I'd also try Watts, Nana's, Latern any place that prides itself on its cooking.

                If you want to live, just go to Tower Indian in Morrisville, it's purely veg and a great cuisne.

                1. re: Rory

                  Yes, Tower is wonderful for vegetarian Indian food as is Udipi Cafe in Cary. However, I wouldn't consider either restaurant to be a "special occasion restaurant".

                  1. re: Rory

                    piedmont, watts and lantern are veg friendly. magnolia grill normally has one off menu option that's pretty good the times i've had it.

                    i'd add four square to the list, their veg options are stellar.