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Mar 10, 2010 12:31 PM

Best steak place in Washington DC for a large group of guys

Hey, I'm wondering what would be the best steak place in DC for a large group of guys in the mid 30's. Probably 10-12 guys, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing, etc... Think the opposite of what Prime Rib would want. We've already done Charlie Palmer so that place is out.

Anyone have any experience w/ the private room at the Palm?

Thank you very much.

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  1. Fogo De Chao - perfect place for a bunch of dudes with big appetites.

    1. Bourbon steak may fit the bill. On weekend's its pretty loud and boisterous. Food is good, albeit expensive, probably slightly moreso than Charlie Palmer.

      I'd stay away from Fogo.

      1. Charlie Palmer's won't let you back? <g>

        1. Take a look at Smith & Wollensky's. I know it's not well-regarded on this board, but I have had consistently good meals there, and they are one of the only places to "really" dry age their steaks. I think they have a private room called The Boardroom. You could also setup in the Wollensky Grill.

          I went to a bachelor party dinner there and we all had a blast. The management and staff took very good care of us. Hey, it's also a block away from Camelot...

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            Ray's the Classics. Excellent food and great prices.

          2. I would go with Rays the Classics or Fogo de Chao. I've never been to Fogo de Chao but my boyfriend went with a similar style group. He said it was good but he was basically on a protein overload for the next 4 days haha.

            J & G Steakhouse is also very good and stylish. GREAT cocktails. My only concern is I went there only once and I felt like the dining room was a little quieter than the bar, lounge, and lobby area of the W. But maybe there is a private room. Maybe call and check.

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              The downstairs bar at J&G can fit a big table. I'm not sure if it's always there, since I've only been once, but that might work.