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Mar 10, 2010 11:59 AM

Sunday Brunch in SM/BH with reservations?

I usually lurk on the boards, but I do love love Chow.

I need help. I'm trying to plan a brunch for about 8 people on Sunday for a friends birthday. We're doing yoga in the morning in Santa Monica, then spa stuff in Beverly Hills, so I need somewhere that accommodate the following.

1) Less than $25 a head for food
2) takes reservations
3) slightly green/hippie vibe, or at the very least casual.


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  1. Gjelina is wonderful. It's in Venice right on the Santa Monica border and it meets everything on your list.

    1. assuming you don't want to head farther south to Gjelina, here are a few other ideas:

      Porta Via in Beverly Hills - love their brunch and patio as well
      Oliviero at the Avalon in Beverly Hills for a lovely poolside brunch
      Tanzore in Beverly Hills is Indian and brunch is 19.95
      Anisette in Santa Monica
      Border Grill in Santa Monica

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        As you are willing to travel a bit east, I think Jar serves a terrific brunch & would seem to fulfill your requirements.

      2. A couple of weeks ago I had Sunday brunch at Barney Greengrass on the fifth floor of the Barney's store in Beverly Hills. We had a reservation for our seven people and the weather permitted us to sit outside, which was very pleasant, with a nice view of the mountains in one direction. I thought the food was okay (not bad, not great) and the portion sizes a bit small for the money.